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Do you have "that someone" in your life? And I'm not speaking romantically, not the "love of your life". I mean, that one person you can always talk to and always tell them everything. Your BEST friend, in the ENTIRE world. That one soul who will always, always, understand you, even if you told them your worst secret. If you lost that person, it would be like tearing a part of you away, like losing just a bit of your soul along with that person. Then you understand what this story is about.

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Victoria Kaer
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Chapter 1

If you’re lucky there is that someone in your life. That person you can tell everything to and in return, they can tell you everything. You can share your innermost thoughts, never be afraid the other will judge you or laugh but no matter what, you’ll always be there for one another. You’ll stand at each other’s side no matter what happens.

Both of you simply know these things. Right?

But, what would happen if you were to lose this person? If they were suddenly ripped away. Gone. If you are to never see them again?

The pain of that loss is absolute. It’s like losing a piece of you. A tiny little bit of your soul is torn out. Simply gone.

And, somehow, you know you’ll never recover from that loss. That injury deep inside. Never again will you feel that way about another person. That one person was sort of like a soul mate.

Not, the I-love-you-forever-and-ever-want-to-marry-you, kind of soul mate.

The you-are-my-best-kind-of-friend-and-I’ll-be-there-for-you-no-matter-what, kind of soul mate.

How can you ever make that sort of connection again, fix that little tear in your soul? Are you expected to live the rest of your days, wounded, broken?

Empty. Bereft. Your soul tattered. A piece of you forever missing. A friend forever lost.

Can something like a little piece of your soul ever be repaired? Or found again?

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