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These are just some short stories I have made that are just ideas that I never really made too real or I thought weren't good enough to be a full book. If you wanna pass some time just sitting and reading some short stories then this book is perfect for you. I hope you enjoy :)

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My Grandma's Painting

This is my first time writing a story. I hope you like it. I will update more stories and also please comment on anything you need and please follow me for more. Please give me some ideas for more stories, I will be happy to take them.

My grandmother died a week ago, and when she died she left all of her belongings to go to a museum. All but one thing a painting. My mother thinks that the painting looks like my brother and our dog, Jax. A week after we got the painting it began...

Leila, is a 13-year-old girl, who has dirty blond hair, green eyes. People are always saying that she is resourceful and brave. Her brother, Maverick, is a 9-year-old boy, he has sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes. People are always saying that he is rambunctious, kind, adventurous, wild, and stubborn. They are always saying that Maverick is as bright as the sun. Maverick thinks that the eyes of the painting are a dark hole of nothing.

A week after we got the painting things started moving or worse, disappearing. After about another week of things being weird. Maverick started saying and doing weird things as if he was being controlled or possessed. For example, he kept talking to nobody or he would break something and wouldn’t remember. Later that day they were walking through the woods, and they stumbled across a rock with writing on it. They were searching online about it and came across an answer that said, “if something weird is happening then do that ritual and it should stop it.” Then, they talked about trying it, and right before they did they heard a voice that said, “don’t even think about it.” They heeded the warning.

They are freaking out and more things are disappearing. Now, their parents have disappeared. They are definitely doing it now. Next thing they know they are trying the ritual so that the voice will go away and so that they can get their parents back. After the ritual, the voice along with the painting disappeared and their parents came back. Finally, everything is back to normal...or at least as normal, it gets around here.

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