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The ABYSS of the MIND. Layer beneath the Layer/s

One layer of the mind showing who you are and what your repsonse should be.

The layer below shows what you can be and what is the most ideal to be..

Further on the next one trying to cook up a story that which isn't..

The one below it trying to show you an angle that you never had seen before and never had thought about..

Next one showing you multiple angles making you believe what you think is the most right thing to want or desire..

The layer beneath bringing to the fore what the whole confusion has been about and what the fears around it have been in my mind..

Next one churning out voices from different people whom you have met, interacted or even spoken to..

Further on the layer below has the mind throwing possible ways of dealing with something showing you who did what in that situation and almost convincing you to respond in the same way..

Further below the above, the mind jumping from past to future, future to present and present to past..

Next layer that moves your mind through thoughts of fear and the egoic agendas and very slyly.. .

A layer below that further makes you go around yourself in your mind tossing and turning the same thing over and over again that which makes you feel like the end of it but in reality is the bottomless pit which never really does get over like having rounds in a Labyrinth and getting lost in it...

Watching all of the tricks and games that the ABYSS is playing, taking you to the end of the endless bottom, springing you on top, bringing you back in between and wondering where to bounce you back.

The ABYSS of the Mind... I tell you !

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