The Miracle Twins

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This book is about my miracle nieces, Hope and Grace. Enjoy!

Lover of Descendants
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The Miracle Twins

Once there was a beautiful family called the Haines family. One of their daughters was pregnant. Her name was Linsey. Everyone was SO excited for the twins, especially the Mimi and Poppy. ''We are SO happy for our Lulu bug to have beautiful twins!'' the Mimi smiled. Nine months later, the twins were FINALLY born!!! Their names were Hope and Grace Haines. The tiny one was Hope and the chunky one was Grace. Their aunts were Jasmin and Courtney. The uncle was Samuel. Finally, the Mimi and Poppy were Cindy and Larry. Grace had a 20% chance to live and the doctors thought Hope was already dead. But, Hope and Grace were eventually better. EVERYONE loved the twins and thought they were angels. When they were a year old, they started to learn how to walk and other stuff like that. They had great Easters and went on vacation. As they grew older, they grew stronger. These babies are sweet and brave. Well... Grace is scared of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. When they turned two years old, they got into EVERYTHING they could get their hands on. My mom calls it the ''terrible twos.'' I agree 100% with her.
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