The Girl in the Hospital

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This is about how I went to the hospital last year. Enjoy!

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The Girl in the Hospital

Once there was a girl named Jasmin Santiago. She was a sweet 11- year-old who loved reading and writing. On February 4th, 2019, her life changed a whole lot. She wasn't feeling good. Her stomach was hurting and she was supposed to go dancing pictures. Her mom was the one who was taking her to dance. On their way to her mom's friend's house, Jasmin was close to falling asleep. That's how bad it was. Jasmin's mom asked her if she was okay. She said she was just tired. They arrived at her mom's friend's house and the friend started doing Jasmin's hair and makeup. Suddenly, she felt like she was going to puke. So, she told her mom her belly was hurting and she said to go to the toilet and try to puke. So that is what Jasmin did. Eventually, she puked and her mother asked her if she wanted to go dancing or not. Jasmin said no and then her mom took her home. It was hard for her to sleep and her body started aching. Jasmin then went upstairs to her parents' room. The next morning, Jasmin went to Uniontown Hospital with her mother. She had to stay the night at the hospital. Jasmin hated that she couldn't be home with her family.
Well... here is how it all turned out. She stayed at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh for a week. Eventually, she came home. Now, she is happy and healthy. This Jasmin person is me. I had a bowel obstruction last year.
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