Ash Winters

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Ash Winters is an orphan who was just adopted. She’s weird and doesn’t say very much but she has many secrets to be revealed,some about her past. She’s 16 and wants nothing to do with the most popular kids in school, or anyone for that fact. But why? What is Ash Winters hiding?

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New place,people, and woods

“Hello? Ash, were your new parents.” I hear as I look over to the door. As they approach I think of they’re bodies lying on the floor, bloodied with me over them. The man said that I wold want to grab my stuff from where ever I had hidden them and come outside to get in the car. When I got in the car my new “parents” said they’re names are Lily and Max. They said they lived in a big house and that they think I’ll like my new school. I just sat there and said ok but I didn’t really care at all. When we got there they said I could pick the place that I slept except for one room and I chose the shack by there house in th woods. They looked and sounded confused but said ok. Later that night I listened to the wolves speak and thought of home, my real home before the orphanage. When I fell asleep I dreamt of running in the woods at home and then I woke up.

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