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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse he was born on September 14, 1983 in the outskirts of London to a Jewish family. The father was a taxi driver and the mother a pharmacist. At 10 he founded a rap group Suite 'n' Sour. She still didn't dream of becoming a musician. At 12 she is enrolled in the Sylvia Young Theater School, a school very rigid coveted. But she she pierced her nose and was rejected. When she sings she have an unmistakable style. It combines 60's music with sound temporary and its texts are valued original and fantastic. In 2003 she published his debut album, Frank, and sells 1,5 million of copy. She was very emotional people and in the moment's of difficulty she drunk very much. But the situation precipitated when died her lovely grandmother. On stage she was visibly altered and in a short time the scandals on her became a obstacle for her musical talent. She found love in Blake Fielder Civil and they married in 2006. But their love was an toxic love and she started to use hard drugs and in 2009 they leave, never managing to get over the separation. In this emotional storm she published her second album where make irony about refusing to detox from alcohol. Success, however, does not make her feel better and can no longer manage the pressure. So he decides to cancel the European tour and scandals increase. He takes refuge in his campaign in Camden Square where she died on the 23,July 2011 after taking a massive dose of alcohol at just 27 years old.

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