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Rita Levi Montalcini

I introduce to you the woman that dedicated all here life to the science:Rita Levi Montalcini. She Born in Turin April 22, 1909. Her family was a Jewish family Sephardic. His father was a mathematician and engineer and his mother a painter. They were very cultured people and from them took a passion for intellectual research. Her father has a very rigid conception for the woman's roles and in your opinion you should focus on being a mother and wife and not be realized professionally. In the 1930 Rita Levi iscrived her-self to medicina e surgery. To age to 21 years old she started the process that they would accompany her to focus on the nervous system In 1936 he graduated with honors and chose to specialize in neurology and psychiatry. In '38 due to martial laws she was forced to emigrate to Belgium and was hosted by the Institute of neurology to the Bruxelle"s University. But in the'49 after that the Belgium was invase She was constricted to back in Turin But all the family for war cause is constricted to run out from Turin and that they took refuge in the countryside near Turin. And after in Florence. There entered in contact with the partisan forces and opered to the service ti Allied Forces.. After back in Turin for her reaches but was invited in the United States to the Washington University of Saint Louis. She covered very much things for combact illnesses. She lived I the States for 30 years and occupied important role and with a workmate. won the Nobel. but she continues to have contact with Italy. Parteciped at the activities of Liberation Famale Moviment for the Abortion Regulations. and she supported the campaign's against anti-personnel mines and in 1992 created with her sister Paola the foundation Rita Levi Montalcini Onlus for giving a major instruction to the African Women's. To the age of 90 years old she started to lose the view for a degenerative maculopapular. In the 2001 was nominated senator and continued her opera for her Research. She died on December 30, 2012 at 103 years old.

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