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Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani Born in Rome,7th March 1908. Her mother was a seamstress and unknown father. After Anna's birth her mother transfer them self to Alessandria in Egypt and married a rich Austrian. Anna's been allowed to her grandmother and her aunts. After the second highschool she gone in Egypt to find his mother. But after having understood that she didn't care about her, she returned to Rome with a broken heart. She iscrived her-self in a recitation school and Meanwhile she sings in a cabaret and in the Rome's nightclubs. She started to perform in theaters together with Stoppa,Aldo Fabrizi and Totò. She need to be loved. She believes too that she was became an actress for this. She Meted Massimo Serato and start a relationship and they had a son. Son's name's was Luca. But after a bit of Lucas's birth they break up. When Luca wast three years old it turns out that the child suffers from polio but this Don't let her down. In the 1945 her cinematography carrier takes off when he starred in "Rome Open City" which became a hit. The scene where his character is killed became one of the scenes most celebrate of the cinema's story. She started a relationship with Rossellini but it break up when e meted Ingrid Bergman. In the 1951 she Parteciped in "Bellissima" with Luchino Visconti. She Parteciped in "La Rosa Tatuata",a Tennessee Williams's film and she won the Oscar for the best protagonist actress. After she back to Rome to her son Luca and in 1962 interpreted a prostitutein the film"Mamma Roma" of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Although Anna Magnani and Pier Paolo Pasolini were not satisfied with the result, the film became a masterpiece of Italian cinema. Her ultimately apparition on the big screen was in 1972 in the Federico Fellini's film in which she interprets herself. She died for tumor's pancreas in 26th December 1973 surrounded by the affection of her son, her friend Roberto Rossellini and the whole of Italy who laughed and cried with her in the movies, never leaving her alone. For her you should die with the same sweetness and with the same unconsciousness with which you are born

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