Beneath the calm

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Beneath her calm there is storm and just like the sea her mind changes from calm to hell, and as constant as the waves she hides herself away. Perhaps the only thing that can save her now is a love deeper than the ocean itself. ~~~ "there's a calm under the water so I choose to sink" "just don't sink long enough to forget you're strong enough to swim"

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"Marissa, anyone awake in there?"

The waving of a hand too close to her face for comfort caught her attention. She shuck her head free of thoughts until she was aware of her surroundings.

"huh, sorry Elise" she spoke softly

"welcome back" her best friend Elise laughed "Did you hear anything I said?"

Marissa looked at Elise feeling guilty for completely zoning out before offering an innocent smile which answered the question.

"Luca is having a party this Friday, Spencer already agreed to come so what do you say?"

Almost immediately her mind thought of all the reasons to say no and reject the offer. She tried her hardest to fight off the idea's and begged her mind to allow her lips to release the word yes.

"I can literally see you trying to make up an excuse Rissa. Please, Please, Please" Elise begged


"oh thank god, I couldn't handle having to take care of Spencer by myself"

"oh, no I take my answer back" she joked in response

Spencer was the last member of their trio, he was like the little brother of the group despite him actually being the eldest.

The last bell of the day rang throughout the school causing all the students to sigh with relief.

"well, I'll see you tomorrow" Marissa spoke

"bye!" Elise waved

Marissa sped through the sea of students smiling at the odd person that looked her way.

She wasn't a popular girl, yet she wasn't a loner either. Many people knew her and she could easily talk to new people but she didn't venture very far out of her friendship group.

Within minutes the corridors were empty, making it easier for Marissa to get to the art class room.

She pushed the door open and happily nodded in a silent approval that the classroom was empty.

She took out her art book and began working on her most recent piece.

It was the most personal piece of art she had decided to create, although to any other viewer it could possibly mean anything.

But to Marissa, the drawing represented her own self drowning. Of course not physically but mentally.

"That's actually pretty good"

Marissa jumped at the sudden voice, only just saving herself from falling out the chair.

"What the- " she paused stopping herself from cursing

She looked to the boy that was stood to her right. One hand on the table supported his leaning body while his eyes carefully took in all detail of her artwork.

She quickly snatched the book off the table closing the pages as she did before holding it against her chest.

"You shy about your work or something?" the boy questioned

"My work just doesn't concern you that's all"

"That's true, it wouldn't be so depressing if it was mine"

He quickly turned around and idly walked towards the supply cupboard that was labelled staff only.

Marissa tried not to let his comment get to her, it didn't matter what he thought. She could draw however she liked and it wasn't anybody's concern, at least that's what she kept trying to tell herself.

"Who even are you?" She called


She took a step closer hoping to see what he was doing inside the cupboard but he stepped back into the classroom with three cans of spray paint resting in his arm.

"Are you deaf or something?" She spoke

"No, my name just doesn't concern you"

A smirk plastered his face once he finished his remark.

Marissa watched as he placed the cans inside his bag.

"You can't take those" she told him

He looked at her with an expression as if to challenge her to stop him.

"Seriously, put those back"

He didn't answer her again and carried on sorting out his back bag. He closed the zip and swung it over his shoulder.

"It's stealing, you can't just take them" she explained

Without replying once again, he started walking towards the door.

Marissa watched him silently, she couldn't believe he was stealing art supplies right in front of her.

"Watch me" he spoke

He looked towards Marissa with a raised eyebrow before turning and leaving through the door.

"Who the hell is he" she whispered to herself while staring into the empty space.

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