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A Life To Come Back Too

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Sequel to 'A life Left Behind' I recommend to read that one first Three years and ten months ago Ashtyn Gray faked her own death with the help of her father. Only thing was she wasn't left without anything, Ashtyn Gray finds out that she is pregnant with Ryders baby, but not one baby, no three. Two boys and one girl. Now that she has moved on being the single mother of her triplets. She lives by the name Camryn King, in a three bedroom apartment and living off of her fathers cash that she earns by doing missions for him. But what happens when a rumor about the infamous Ashtyn Gray is spread that she is still alive? And what happens when she is dragged back into a life that she left oh so long ago? Find out in A Life To Come Back Too.

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Abby Moon
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Chapter 1

3 years and nine months ago...

I groaned and just stared at the test. Maybe it would be done faster if I just looked at it. Finally the results were in, It was positive.

I was pregnant.

Three months later...

Miss Camryn King?” The nurse called. I stood up with my bulging stomach. I pulled down my shirt a little.

“And how are you doing Miss King?” She asked.

“Good, but its being a pain, I thought I wasn’t suppose to be this big yet.” She nodded, “Well every baby grows different.”

She took me back and closed the door behind her.

“Okay, why don’t we take a look at the baby.” she said and laid me back, today I was suppose to find out the gender of my baby, Ryders baby. She put the gel on and with in a minute I could see my baby.

“Wait a second.” She said and paused my screen, but it was too late I had already seen it.

“Is that another one?” I asked my eyes growing wide.

“No. Camryn, Your having triplets. I have no idea how your old doctor missed this.” She said as she looked at my stats. I couldn't figure out either, my last doctor had to go on leave because of a fatal car accident left her in the hospital for two months. “I don’t either.” I said.

“On the plus side I can see the sex of the babies, would you like to know?” She asked. I nodded.

“Camryn I am happy to announce that you are having two boys and one girl.” She said. I burst into a smile.

“Yes, now with triplets we will expect them to be early, you are going to be listed as a high risk seeming as this is your first pregnancy and your height is a little shorter.” She said.

“I recommend that if you are working, you stop and you have others help take care of you. Is there anyone at home that can help you?” She asked me. I nodded.

“My boyfriend, Sam, can. Though I don’t know how ecstatic he is going to be about the news.” I said to her shaking my head.

“How long have you two been together?” She asked me. “Only for about a month or so.” I said.

“Take care, you can pay upfront.” She said, I nodded and she went to go get the photos of the babies. I laid there in shock and got up finally, rubbing my belly that looked three times too big. “Looks like your all that I have left."

four months later...

“Okay Camryn your going to need to push one last time.” The doctor said, I obliged and pushed as hard as I could. Sam kissed my head. As I heard the little screams.

“How are they?” I questioned.

“They are beautiful.” He whispered into my ear. I was given one by one baby and Sam held the last one, my daughter. I held both of my sons, after the doctors had left the room. “So what’s the names for them?” He asked, I gently sat up and placed both babies in my lap. “This one,” I said gently rubbing my boys stomach on my left. “Is Alexander Lein King.” I said, and traded him off for my daughter.

“And this one.” I said rubbing my other little boy’s stomach, “Is Owen Ryder King.”

“And finally,” I said rubbing my daughters stomach, “This one is Carson Victoria King.” I said.

The present...

The first year with the triplets proved to be tough, dad had questioned why I wasn't accepting his missions anymore and unfortunately I cracked and told him. He was the only one that knew about my three children. Sam and I ended up breaking up, he said he wasn't cut out to raise children, so there I was with three two year old's. But from there it got better. Both boys wanted to protect their sister, even if she was older then them both by a minute. Yep, Carson came first. Second was Owen and then lastly was Alex.

"Mommy!" Carson yelled jumping on my bed.

"Time" Jump, "To" Jump "Make" Jump "Me" Jump "Food" She said and landed on me.

"Mommy will make you food faster if you get off her." I said and started tickling her. "Mommy" She screamed as she laughed.

"Okay munchkin I will start food, go get your brothers up." I said.

With three kids you get use to not have much sleep anymore. I walked into her room. We had upgraded to a three bedroom apartment, for the other one was to crammed for four people and they were growing, so I have Carson in her own room and the boys in their room.

I grabbed a couple outfits that Carson could choose from and laid them out on her bed. Finally I heard the boys up. "Carson your clothes are in your room, choose one and then make your bed stat." I said and went to the boy's clothes.

"Morning mommy!" I heard.

"Morning Alex, Morning Owen." I said and laid out a couple options for them.

"Get dressed and make your bed I better not hear anything about it." I stated. My children were expected to make their beds but they knew that and it wasn't that neat anyway. I fixed them some eggs just as the toast popped up.

"Okay, get moving, we have to be to preschool in an hour, foods on the table." I said, they scrambled to eat their food. Carson was dressed in a red top that ruffled out at the bottom and black leggings, both of the boys wore jeans with a random top. I shook my head at them and went to go get dressed. I grabbed some jeans with a sweatshirt and fixed my hair into a ponytail.

By the time that I was done the kids had dumped their plates in the sink, using the step stool.

"Ow." I heard. Then crying. Owen.

"Who did what?" I questioned. They were all in the bathroom on their little step stools waiting for me, except Owen.

"He was on mine." Carson explained. I shook my head.

"No excuse, we don't kick. You okay buba?" I questioned he nodded and I gave them their toothbrushes, helping them along the way. I quickly brushed my teeth and helped them get their socks and shoes on, along with jackets. It was LA and December. We left the apartment and took the elevator down.

Once we were on the streets I navigated my way through, holding my children's hands, Carson holding Alex's.

The preschool was only a block but with the three kids it took longer then necessary. We reached the preschool center with only five minutes to spare, I walked behind them, they had their backpacks that carried their lunches in them and a coloring sheet with crayons.

"Okay, Alex, Carson, Owen, You all have a wonderful day at preschool and you show me what you guys did when I come to pick you up at three." I said kissing each of their heads.

"Love you" they said and ran to their classroom. I waved kindly to their teacher before she came over to me.

"I'll pick them up at three." I said and left. It was eight in the morning and I opened my apartment door back open and started picking up.

This is what my life has become...

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