A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 10

When we first are born, we are the purest of them all. We are innocent. Only can it come at a later date when it is ripped from our hands. I fear that the time had come upon my children. When their innocence was ripped and they knew that bad people were out there. It had become a known thing for Carsyn at least. She would constantly be looking behind her. Even at the dinner table. When we were watching a movie, or even just sitting in the office. I don't know what exactly happened though. Did he yell at them, cause emotional trauma that they inflicted. I thought that by maybe finding them, I would solve it. But now, as I sat sipping whiskey with the bodies of five men at my feet, my boots stained red I found no solace. No peace of mind, nothing of the sort.

"Ashtyn, you have to come out eventually." My father said behind the door. I ignored him and took a shot of my whiskey, raveling in the feeling of my burning throat.

I opened up the door for him.

"Send some people to take away their bodies, and clean up the floor. I'm quite tired of them. Just sitting there." I said taking another swing of my bottle.

"You killed them." He muttered. "That I did. It should teach the rest a lesson. You mess with me and I'll kill you." I said stuttering my words. "You're drunk." He added, taking a look at the amount of bottles that laid on the floor.

"Right again." I giggled.

"That's the thing though. I mean, Ryder and I haven't fully made up. Because the truth is that anything endangers my children again and I'm off to the hills. I think he knows that too." I said. "I mean wouldn't you do that?" I questioned him. Stumbling over my feet towards him.

"I would do anything for you." he said.

"Glad I'm not alone." I whispered.

I woke up with a pounding headache, god how much did I drink last night. I barely remember any of it, only the screams of the men I had killed. The rest was blacked out. I rubbed my head and groaned.
"I see that you're awake." Commented Ryder. I shushed him and rubbed my headache. He gave me a coffee mug and some aspirin. Nearly a half hour later I was finally ready to move out of bed. I took a long shower and did everything I normally would.

"Well look who finally arose." Commented John, who was now stationed out at my door everyday. "Good morning John." I said and walked in.

Inside sat two men in the chairs opposite.

"She's here." Ryder said. I gave him a look and he walked towards me.

"They want to negotiate and have some peace, hear them out." He said. I nodded. "Take the children and put them in a safe place, I don't want them hurt if things get out of hand." I said, he nodded.

"Gentlemen, what can I do for you?" I questioned, my father was standing in the background with two other men.

"Ashtyn, I take." The men said.

"My name is Ashtyn King, yes. And who might you be?" I questioned.

"My name is Moso." He said. I nodded. The man who spoke was older looking, maybe my fathers age or older. His hair was a light gray, but his voice held authority. "And who might you be?" I questioned the boy that seemed to be only a hair older then me. He had dark brown eyes.

"We had a deal with your father right after you were born." Moso said. "This is Declan. He is supposedly your fiancée. But it seems your father broke your pledge." My heart dropped.

"We don't break pledges, where is this proof?" I asked looking back at my father.

"Here." He said and handed me a four page document. I took a few minutes to look it over.

"I'm sorry, give me a few days to read this over. My guard John will show you out." I said. They looked at me with disgust that they had been dismissed so fast.

"I can explain."

"After you were born I had all of a sudden three daughters that I didn't know what to do with, we had several gangs after us at the time. I befriended the New York Mafia. But only thing was that I needed help to keep you, your sisters, and your mother safe. Along with the lower ranks. So I did what at the time was the best option, I signed away my first born daughter and they would help us out." He finished.

"You just did that?" I questioned. He nodded.

"Oh your kidding me. Get rid of them now." I said. "Unfortunately Ashtyn it was part of the thing, when you turned eighteen they would have you two married, that's why I agreed to you faking your own death. It would get you out." That's when it clicked.

"Loop hole. Ashtyn Gray is technically dead, which is who you signed over. I'm legally Camryn King but I changed my name to Ashtyn. I'm not legally Ashtyn Gray anymore. I don't have to marry him." I exclaimed.

"Call them back and tell them that Ashtyn Gray is dead and that Ashtyn King is not obligated to marry anyone as of right now." I said standing up and rubbing my head. Fuck, what a damn morning.

But now everything was in place.

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