A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 11

"You cannot do this, we helped you." He yelled and slammed down his hand on my desk.
"I ask that you maintain your distance and your manners, remember who your talking too, your outnumbered." I spoke in a loud clear voice.
"Apologies but it still isn't right." He said.
"Life isn't right. It's not right that I was meant to be sold." I said.
"Well tough sweetheart." He said. It hit a nerve for some reason. "I told you that the contract was now invalid. It will remain that way. If your going to have a fit, please bring it up with me now or remain silent." I said looking over another file.
"You know I heard that you had children. We could strike another deal." he said slyly.
"Currently I have three other children with another woman, the youngest is another male. He is around your daughters age if you would agree to their marriage then we could avoid us being enemies." He said.
"I am in no position to agree and disagree at the moment, currently Carsyn is to young to decide if she would like to marry a man she never met. Though come back in a couple of years, and we could have something arranged if it still peaks your interest." I said. He nodded. I shall then, until next time, little Ashtyn." He said and waved bye to me. I did a nod and he left my room.

"I don't know yet." I said. "He's being insistent. I know that making a choice is tough but it's hard not too." Ryder said as we climbed into bed.
"I am not making a choice for our daughter. She is her own person and even now I think that she would still say no. It is not our say in what she does with her life or where she will be in her life." I stated.
Everything for a week had been quiet but Ryder and I were still fighting, it seemed that even now we disagreed a lot more on what we should do.
"I'm just saying, that it would be helpful for us to keep our options open." he said, I ignored him.
I laid down, not facing him as I felt his eyes stare at me. My mind was packed full of people telling me what to do. Do this and that, but then saying not to trust what people say. Not to trust them. I didn't trust anyone at this rate.
I don't even trust myself.

I began to cut myself. I had been told multiple times to sign over Carsyn.
It's for the good of the gang.
She'll understand.
More and more people telling me what to do. I had continued to shut myself off during those times. What if it isn't good for the gang, what if she doesn't understand, what if it makes her hate me when she's older.
I was on the couch with her.
"Honey?" I said. She looked at me.
"Yeah?" She tilted her head.
"Never mind." I quickly said, she shrugged and turned her head back towards the screen.
She wouldn't understand, who takes the word of a three year old.
It continued for another month. I would constantly receive emails and letters containing documents for me to sign, giving my daughter to this man. I grew tired. "Look what does he fucking want from me." I mumbled to myself, throwing another document in the trash. He was persistent. He wasn't going to give this up easily.
I sensed it. Trouble was on the horizon. I knew it.
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