A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 12

"Okay!" I finally said slamming my hands down on the table in front of me. It shook it fiercely. "I'm tired of this bullshit. Kill off him now, or I will be forced too." I said glaring at the men. A bead of sweat had formed across his face.

"But ma--" I cut him off by pulling out a gun, seeming to clean it with a nearby rag. "I'll tell you something. You can get me that money or I will myself. Only it won't end well for you or your children." I said placing down the gun by me. Nearly two weeks later and I was still receiving the fucking letters. I had grown tired of them and stopped reading them all together. Throwing yet another.

The men left, seeming to be afraid. "I'm considering killing off the kid by now." I said with a sigh, I rubbed my temples. "I want them in my office by tomorrow morning." I said to my father. He nodded and left.

Like promised my father had them to my office.

"What in god's name do you want?" I questioned walking in.

"You know what we want, just sign the contract." He said.

"I'm so close to just cutting you out. We have no business with you anymore. I don't see why not." I said, his eyes changed.

"You can't just erase us from that." He said stuttering.

"Unless it's you who need us," I said trailing off, his eyes told the tale as he looked down. "So, the oh powerful New York Mafia is in trouble." I said.

"It's just some dept." He said.

"Too who?" I questioned raising an eyebrow. His face changed back into stone and his posture stiffened. Like always he had his eldest son with him.

"Just some shark loans." He said suddenly interested into the background.

"But you could just easily take them down." I said leaning forward. "Unless, all of your people are gone." I said, a smirk spreading across my face.

"Fine, we need you." He splattered out.

"You need us, a marriage would have us lending our people to you." I said slowly, moving towards my window.

"But what's in it for us?" I questioned.

"Peace with us." He said. I shook my head.

"You can't battle us, we outnumber you easily could kill you and your kin." I said. His hand went to his son.

"Fine, I just need a little bit of time. I'll get the money just agree to it." He said. I shook my head at him.

"It seems that you don't understand though," I whispered.

"I don't really care what happens to you." I said moving towards him.

"Leave, I once again reject your marriage requests with your younger son and my daughter." I said dismissively.

"You will pay for this." He said.

"I bet I will." I said back teasing.

He shut the door and seemed to leave.

But that's when hell broke loose outside the door.


Authors note,

I apologize for this being so short, I'm not well with describing things, I like just getting to the point. So apologizes but it's just how I write. _

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