A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 13

It had only been a half hour since the fighting had broken out, my lungs burned from the constant running I was doing. I wasn't the best in shape currently but it was good enough. I could feel a bullet go straight passed my head. I ducked running through the maze of hallways. I was leading them away from the people.

Nearly half an hour ago Moso had raged a battle onto our place from the inside. I take that he knew I was going to be rejecting his proposal. He had killed fourteen of my guys, the only way for us to win this is to have them follow me to the trap Ryder had set up in advanced. We had a safe plan. Just in case.

I sprinted pass into the garden area. Straight passed the growing number of people from our gang. I looked around trying to see if Ryder had come. But I didn't see him, just the concerningly amount of people with guns. They raised their guns at the people that were chasing me. I ran and they formed a circle. I spent a minute catching my breath.

"Do you accept my marriage proposal?" Asked a loud moving voice. I shook my head.

"I don't," I said.

"Why don't you reconsider?" he questioned, I moved to the front to get a better view of him. "Why don't you fuck off?" I said.

"I am not a man to back down Ashtyn. I will kill everyone you love, and I'll still get the marriage I need." He said. I chuckled weakly. I had been wounded during the fighting, only a shallow wound. It had grazed right by my hip. My white shirt was stained red. "Bold words." I said. Only the joke was on me.

He Retracted his men inside my building. closing the door in the progress. Only, I missed the sniper on the rooftop next door. I heard a loud bang, before a thud hit the ground. I turned around to see who it was. Only to my horror, my father laid down, his own crimson blood pooling around his head. A shot directly laid between his eyes. He messed with the wrong people.

"Go inside, I want Moso found and brought to me. Don't kill him, I get that pleasure." I said lowly, but they heard me. It was in a cold authority voice. They charged inside my home, they killed my father, they had killed someone close to me. I wasn't going down without a fight.

And a fight they would get. Because if I died, Ryder would go after him, and then Renee, mom, Anna, I think, and so many more people. They would just be waiting to kill this man, but not without the torture first. A whole lot of torture.

"Ashtyn." I heard a raspy voice behind me. I whipped around fast. It was John.

"Speak to me. Did you find him?" I questioned. He shook his head.

"They ran." He said. I had just gone back inside, nearly half hour after everyone else. Just looking at my father's cold body. I closed his eyes and threw a blanket over him. We would burn his body later in the basement. As usual for members of high honor, never leave a body out to the public, too many questions.

"Your needed on the third floor." He said. I nodded. That was where we lived. Something was wrong. I could sense it.

I pushed open the door. There was only four people in the room. Ryder, he had a wrap around his head, obvious signs of bleeding, then the boy's both huddled around him. My mother, she was tending to Ryder but her faced showed more.

"Mom?" I questioned. She hesitated but looked up at me. "Where is Carsyn?" I asked, hoping that she was just in the bathroom.

"They took her." My heart nearly stopped. My head spinned.

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