A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 14

Throughout my life, I had a number of people die in my life. Some even taken before my eyes well I was forced to watch. But that was a story for a different time. My father had been killed well my back was turned to him. Well he stood to help protect us. My hands shook a little. They wouldn't kill her. Yet. I knew my daughter and she was quite defiant. She would put up a fight. My guess she was hit in the back of the head in order to get her to leave quietly. They would have to wait for it to heal up. Meaning I had probably two or three day's to get her back before I lost her forever. And that was saying that she was injured.
I had told her whatever she did, to put up a fight. I did to all my children. Just before they could even know what it meant. I knew now that she would put up a fight. Only I knew that they couldn't kill her. He was to much of a bitch to kill her. He needed her for a marriage, even if that meant keeping her until she was eighteen. Keeping her in total isolation, or raising her themselves. However they choose. I wouldn't let that happened.
Alex, Owen, and Carsyn, were the lights of my life and the only part that held my intact heart. They are what kept me alive. Without one of them it all falls down. Ryder had lost that part a long time ago, my heart only belonged with my children. He didn't have a part. I couldn't care less about him to be brief. It was how I worked. My emotions were a one time thing, until my children came along. I would do anything for them, hurt anyone, kill anyone, torture anyone.
The look on my mom's face described it all and I could nearly imagined it all.
"What happened?" I asked in a hushed voice, my head span. I felt nauseous and light headed. I took a seat and slowly the dark spots in my vision faded.
"What happened?" I asked again in a whisper.
"I didn't know anything, I was just there for the aftermath." Explained my mom. My attention turned to Ryder.
"The kids were having their nap, it all happened so fast," He said with a pause. "They came in three at a time, all with blaring guns, the one time I didn't have mine," He muttered the last part to himself. "One hit me over the head with a metal object, I don't know, they just took Carsyn. They didn't even take a look at the other two. They radioed someone and another was about to shoot me," He said rubbing his eyes. The bags under his eyes seem to grow. "One said to just knock me out. I don't know why I didn't move. I just couldn't. Then I felt the hit of a handle on my temple, and I blacked out." He finished. The boy's had ran to me as soon as I sat down and I was gently checking them for bumps, bruises or blood.
"He said he would get her. It's all my fault." I whispered.
"No it's not your fault. Nothing was your fault." Ryder said getting up before immediately sitting back down. "Mom, take Ryder to the infirmary. He may have a concussion." I said she nodded.
"Are you going to be okay by yourself?" My mother questioned. I gave her a small nod and the left with Ryder, holding onto his head.
"What happened?" I questioned.
"Bad men came into the room. Carsyn, Alex, me ran into bathroom but man stopped us. He took Carsyn." Owen said breaking up the words. I nodded and kissed his head, same with Alex. He was quiet and I assumed he was in shock. He did just witness a kidnapping. I wasn't that surprised.
It was my fault that she was gone, if I had just refused to come here, or just refused to see him.
It was my fault that she was gone.
I would bring her back though.
Even if it killed me.
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