A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 15

The next day was the worse, we had spent the majority mourning our dead. Including my father. I didn't push any to work except those who hadn't loss anyone close to them. I still had a gang to run, I wouldn't stop until my baby was found.

"Did you check everywhere?" I questioned again. He nodded.

"Check every single corner of New Orleans again." I said. He nodded and left. It had been twenty four hours since Carsyn was kidnapped. I had no idea where she was. She could be anywhere in the world by now. But they wouldn't do that.

"John." I called. He entered a minute later.

"Find out where any relatives of this gang reside. I want locations and names. I want people sent out to keep watch." He nodded and closed the door again. I chewed on my nails that had become nubs. Ryder entered a minute later. He wore a bandage around his head with a sling around his arm. He had dislocated it when he had fallen and had a minor concussion.

"They're smart. They wouldn't take her into public. They would keep her isolated. Probably in a van with tinted windows. Tied up so she couldn't touch anything. That's if they are on the road. If not then they would have to be in a secret location, since she would wander and probably try to get help. She's smarter then she looks." I said looking down over the files again.

"I know, I learned a lot from her. She's good. I saw some blood on the carpet though." He said. "She's injured." I stated before rubbing my eyes.

"Yes, they would have to help her though. They can't have her dying. They need her Ash." Ryder said.

"I know. But that wouldn't stop them from inflicting the worse pain in her. Just to keep her alive does not mean to keep her feeling safe or in a healthy nature. She will under go several things if we don't find her first." He said. I nodded.

"What am I suppose to do Ryder? I mean, I can't just find her in an instant. I mean what do I do, I mean she's a scared child. She's not going to just go along with them. She's going to put up a fight." I said. He just nodded and gave me a one armed hug.

"What if they take it to far, what if she dies by accident. Carsyn would be dead then. I wouldn't have a daughter. She would be dead, just like her sister, just like Tessie." I said I proceeded to rub my stomach. Tessie had never taken a breath. She had never opened her eyes, or stretched to her full length. No she was dead instead, curled up into a fetal position. Her face engraved into my head. Instead she had died in my stomach. The only place she knew. She never even stood a chance for this world. I knew that, but it was worth that risk. Now Carsyn is worth the risk, she always has been.

I rubbed my eyes, I hadn't slept since I found out she had been taken, and I was tired, but I was wide awake as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It continued like this for two days, until my mother had put some medicine in my coffee. Fucking drugged me so I would sleep. Funny having caffeine and a sleeping drug in me at the same time, but they both cancelled each other out so my mother gave me some more without my notice.

When I finally came too, it had been nearly fourteen hours.

"What the hell." I cried out angerly. This was more time that I could spend looking for her. My anger was quickly cut short by Ryder half running in the room with the kids.

"Ash!" He cried and gave me a half hug.

"We found her!" He cried. I looked up at him as if we was insane.

"Carsyn?" I questioned. He nodded.

"They're in a hidden abandoned place. I don't know where they are in the location." He said.

"Get Kassie, have her hack footage. It's time to get Carsyn back." I said a smirk making it's way onto my face.

Oh how much trouble they would be in.

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