A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 16

(Third point of view)

The constant sound of water dripping with the humid air was enough to wake the sleeping girl. Her leg loosely chained to the center of the room. A mattress on the floor was all that she slept on. It was no better then the floor, but it offered at least a blanket. Her eyes started to fill with tears. She had no idea where she was, no idea if she was going to see her mommy again.

"Hey Car, it's okay." A gentle voice said in the corner of her room. Her head gently turned to the voice. She kept her mouth shut, not knowing what to say.

A man emerged out of the shadows, his mischievous plan for her was simple. Raise her to marry his son as soon as she was of legal age. Only her head was cut bad. They hadn't decided to move until it had healed, but that didn't stop the emotional torture that they had given her throughout her stay of only three, now four, day's. Carsyn's eyes widened as soon as she saw him. A small whimper arose from her lips. She curled up in a ball.

"I see that your mommy hasn't come yet. She doesn't love you." He said. He continued to say words that he knew would hit a three, almost four year old. The feeling of not belonging, no love. It would be strong enough for her to remember for the rest of her life. Only they both didn't know that.

She curled herself into a small ball her feet hitting the cold concrete floor. Her feet recoiled at the touch and she wrapped her blanket around her tight. Her hair was in a tangled mess full of blood and dirt, she hadn't bathed at all so her head had itched like crazy.

"I want my mommy." She whispered. The man gently chuckled, but it showed no humor inside of it, and even little Carsyn knew it. The man, whose name she had learned was Moso, retreated and the slamming of a large metal door sounded in her room shaking her little body, leaving only bread with a small cup of water by her.

Leaving her alone to cry.

Leaving her alone in the dark.

(Ashtyn's pov)

The drive over was silent as could be. I was on edge, and it showed. No one made any noise, a soft ringing began in my ear. But still no one talked. I knew why, in the short time that I had came here, I made it clear that no one would mess with my children. But here we are, and it wasn't a time to make small talk.

"Kassie." I said.

"Yes." She answered. I looked back, she was on her computer that I had gotten for her.

"Can you see inside?" I questioned, she nodded.

"Positions of the people?" I questioned. She had laid out the entire place, the only thing that was sure, no one was meant to be dead, injured yes, but everyone knew I had the kill.

"Okay everyone," I began as we stopped. We had brought nearly half the gang, my mother included, they all wanted vengeance but Moso was mine, along with that asshole of a son. "Every room will be checked, it will be inside with no windows most likely. Don't touch her, get me. She will be scared, probably crying, so follow any of the sounds. We do it fast and efficient. Take out anybody of non-importance. Leave Moso to me, but take them down. I don't want him dead, but I don't want him conscious. Do what you need people." I said and we exited the place.

It was to easy.

I thought something else might happen, but it was honestly just easy. Everyone was caught off guard. People were sleeping, barely anyone awake, probably good that we used silencers. It was one in the morning anyway. I followed the sounds of a rapid cry. I stopped outside a large door, the guard standing outside it was shot dead. I opened it, it was pitch black inside. Well the hallway had been lit, it didn't offer very much light inside. I turned on my flashlight. There in the middle of the room was a mattress, a little girl crying onto it. Carsyn.

"Carsyn?" I questioned. Her head shot up at the sound of my voice.

"Mommy." She said and her loud sobs erupted. I ran over to her and gave her a long hug. I shot off the chain that her food remained tied too. We would have time for that later. I picked her up, she had only been here for four days but she felt so skinny now.

"It's okay, baby, Mommy's got you. I won't let you go anymore. Never again."

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