A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 17

When we came back to the house a wave of emotions came over me. I was happy, excited, sad, and most importantly, mad.

“Ryder?” I questioned as we entered the house, I hadn’t let go of Carsyn since I had gotten her into my hands. “Yes?” He questioned, his eyes never leaving Carsyn’s.

“We got Moso and his son correct?” I questioned. He only nodded. Good. “Okay, Carsyn, Ryder is going to take you to our hospital unit. Mommy has to go make sure that those bad men can never hurt you again.” I said kissing her head. I reluctantly handed her over to Ryder, heading over to the infirmary. I watched until they rounded the corner, the remainder of that time Carsyn’s eyes never left mine.

“Go ahead of me and make sure that they’re awake.” I told John. It seemed that we had a known unspoken friendship. He was loyal and with me nearly all of the time. I walked by myself well John ran to go wake the prisoners.

“Seems like you only got me here,” remarked Moso, I adjusted the brass and hit him in the face, as his mouth pooled blood.

“Is that so?” I questioned.

“I suppose the best I can do is let you watch.” I smiled as two more members brought in his son.

“I’m not sorry if I’m honest.” I told the son, as I raised the gun to his head. Moso’s eyes widened. “No, please, he’s my heir who’s going to ru--” His questioned was cut off by me pulling the trigger. Moso watched in horror as the life drained from his son’s eyes. “Not my problem.” I stated clear as day. “Take him away, he’s getting blood everywhere.” I stated as the blood pooled around his body.

“I spared you the horror of watching me torture your son. Be happy I gave him a quick death. No, I won’t spare you that. I’ll have them clean you up everyday. I’ll make this last for months. I’ll feed you, barely. You’ll remain sitting down for months. Years if I want too. You took my baby, I will make you beg for me to kill you.” I said. Moso, didn’t respond.

“Clean him up. I’m done for the day.” I said. The members, Brynne and Kaleb, both twins did as they were told. I stormed out. I wasn’t done with him. He would be killed by the end of the week. By either me or Ryder.

“Okay Ryder, Don’t kill him just yet.” I smiled as I slide the knife across his hand. He cried out in pain. I smiled at it. It had only been two days but Carsyn was still in the infirmary and I was still quite pissed.

"Do you know what it's like to lose a child? Oh that's right you do, only your's isn't coming back." Ryder remarked. It seemed to hit Moso's heart. "You son of a bitch. Do you know what's going to happen with my gang now? That my three other children will die because of you." He said, I shook my head. "It's really not my problem." I said a devious smirk on my face.

"It won't be yet, but they will want your gang, it isn't over yet." He said.

"It won't ever be over with you still breathing air." I said, bef

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