A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 19

Everything had to be perfect for them. I was walking Jessa down the isle. It was suppose to be dad, a show of our sign of unity and my approval for the wedding, but I wore his ring. It made it one hundred times easier.
Right now though, everything was still setting up. The wedding was in two hours.
"Ashtyn, We have a problem." My mother said. She was suppose to be helping Jessa get ready.
"What?" I questioned. "Jessa's freaking out, I think she's getting cold feet." She said I nodded.
Since it was before the wedding both brides couldn't see each other. Renee was going to be standing at the alter before Jessa. I rushed up to her room. She was sobbing uncontrolably.
"Hey, what's wrong?" I questioned.
"I Don't know if I want to do this." She said stuttering uncontrollably.
"Do you love her?" I questioned. She nodded.
"Then why wouldn't you want too?" I asked. As far as we knew her family was dead, they couldn't be there for her, her father couldn't walk her down the isle. I had too.
"Look at your family, your crazy! No offense." She quickly added. I could understand.
"None taken, I understand what you mean. But that does not mean that you both have to stay here. Renee loves you, and she will do whatever you want to do. She was never in love with this life. I could tell. And she left. She met you and she trusts you enough to not rat us out to the police, but even if you did I don't know what they would do." I said. "She would give up this life in an instant. You know that." I said. She nodded.
"God look at me. I'm a mess. I ruined my makeup and clothes, and I haven't even gotten dressed." She said.
"That's okay, we can get you fixed up fine." I said.
Just like that she was ready to go in an hour and a half. Since I was the person handing the other person the bride I had to go last. I finally got to see Anna, whom can come shortly after Jessa and Renee's arrival. "Anna, you look beautiful." I said. I was meant to be the maid of honor but I gave that to Anna since I was technically doing something else. She nodded and then left with one of the brides men. I nodded back towards her. Alex and Owen were the ring holders and we thought what a fun outfit to put them in? A bear costume. And then Carsyn, which she was the flower girl.
I didn't like the fact that Carsyn was up and moving so much just after the incident so I would keep extra eyes on her, she wore a beautiful blue dress her hair flat ironed. Then Jessa and I. Jessa wore a beautiful lace dress. Well I wore a plain purple dress. I wasn't one with dresses but I made an acceptation for Renee.
Finally we heard the music start up, it was time for her to walk down the isle. I held her hand respectfully, and I could tell that there was tears in Renee's eyes. Finally we made it and I handed her off.
The ceremony was beautiful and perfect.

It was the night after the wedding and Carsyn had gone back to being a normal girl, we mostly, she couldn't run yet, so she sat and the boy's played with her. I could have had this life, but I chose not too. Was it stupid or was it right what I choose, when it affects the life's of the people around me so often.
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