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A Life To Come Back Too

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chapter 2

I finished cleaning up the apartment by eleven only to receive a call.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Ash--Rumor, --Get-----leave" My dads voice said through the static was all I could make up.

"Dad you know its a bad time to call for some reason they still haven't gotten it fixed. I have to go get some groceries, I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said through the phone. My landlord had left a note that our signal in the district was cutting for some reason. They still hadn't gotten it fixed.

I left the apartment and locked it behind me.

I had picked the kids up a little before three since I had gotten a call that Carsyn had thrown up in class.

"Do you feel alright?" I asked her for the second time, I decided to carry her and she laid her head down on my shoulder.

"My tummy hurts." She said.

"Okay well how about some ham and cheese sandwiches with some nice hot soup for dinner and then off to bed for you tonight." I said and felt her head. She did feel like she had a temperature.

"Okay boys go play in your room for a little bit." I told them and placed Carsyn on the couch. I turned on some cartoons for her well starting on dinner.

"Boys, dinners ready." I called to them. I heard they're little feet paddle to get there.

"Carsyn you too." I said, but first I grabbed a thermometer and checked her temperature. 100.2. "Poor baby, its only a little temp but we will keep an eye on it.

It was around five thirty as they ate. I noticed that Carsyn looked a little better.

"Okay Carsyn, It's going to be bath, teeth, bedtime." I told her.

She nodded and rubbed her eyes.

"Boys, you can watch some cartoons well I'm giving Carsyn her bath and I'll get you guys in a bit. Call if you need anything." I said and went into the back.

"Okay Carsyn, It's time for bed." I told her and kissed her forehead, I gave her a cup of water by her bed and turned off the light and the door.

"Boys time for your bath." I called them.

"Okay." I heard them say before walking over to the bathroom.

After I gave me a bath I had them brush their teeth and put them in pj's and they went off to bed. I cleaned up silently and took a shower myself. Even though it was nine thirty I watched the news and headed of to bed.

"Mommy." tap "Mommy" tap tap "Mommy." Finally I opened my eyes again. It was Carsyn.

"There's a monster in my room." She whispered. I nodded my head. "I will get the monster spray and we can get rid of the monster together." I said, I grabbed a spray bottle full of water that said 'Monster Spray' on it. The boy's had been saying that so I told them that I had a monster spray that would get rid of it and only mommy's new the special word to get the water to become monster spray. Them being three believed every word of it.

"How are you feeling?" I questioned. I felt her forehead. It felt extremely colder, her fever had broken. That's good.

"I'm feeling much better." She said. I nodded. "So what does this monster look like?" I asked as we opened the door to my room.

"Its tall, and was standing in the corner of my room. It told me not to go get you but it didn't stop me from leaving." She said. I froze. She never said it spoke to her. None of the boys did. No matter what the boys told me they never said anything about it speaking, mainly because it was a figure of their imagination.

"Baby, go wait in mommy's room." I said.

"Shut the door and lock it, and go into the special area remember." I whispered. She nodded. I didn't move until after I heard the click of the door and the sliding of the door. Earlier this year I had taught them to go into a door that I built into their dressers. I had one in my room just in case.

I set down the monster spray and prepared to fight. I was a little rusty but I'm sure I could manage.

I opened the door quickly, and sure enough a man was standing in the corner of the room. He wore a dark jacket, most likely leather with black pants. The room was dark and it was hard to identify the person but it was definitely a man. He knew I saw him and he saw me, his back stiffened a little. I flicked on the light and what I saw had me frozen in place.

"Your not real." I whispered.

"Funny, I should be saying that Camryn." He said my name with disgust. "Is that the best you could do. Ash." He said, my name going off his tongue smoothly. I shivered at the word.

"Ryder." I whispered.

"Why is it that I had to hear a rumor that you were still alive from a bar?" He questioned.

"I didn't know anyone knew." I said. I felt a presence behind me.

"I'm not going to do anything." I said. "Not anything that you don't make me do." I added. He raised his eyebrows.

"Just leave, let me keep this name and apartment. Let my children not know anything." I said. "Ash, if it was that simple I would but truth is I want you back. I need to know why you did that." He said coming closer. I tried to back up but I hit another persons back.

"You can't go anywhere, just come with us." He said, trailing a finger down my cheek.

"Just let me be." he shook his head no.

"I would if I could but other things are to important now. Things have changed Ash and we need you back." He said.

"I can't do anything, I left before I even started." I said.

"You never left, I know that you are part of the assassin group. That you run errands sometimes." He said. "Wake up your children and lets go." He said moving past me.

"No." I said.

"I wasn't asking." He said in a cold tone.

"Carsyn, baby you can come out now." I said behind my door she had locked. A few minutes later I heard the click of the lock and she opened the door and ran into my arms.

"Mommy I'm scared." She whispered.

"I know but I need you to go into your room and your stuff animal." I said. She obliged and I opened my sons room and flicked on the light.

"Boys!" I said in a loud tone, they shot up.

"We have to get going, I know its late but something came up." I said and grabbed their bags, I packed their clothes and an extra pair of shoes.

"You can bring one stuff animal, if you choose." I said.

They nodded tiredly.

"I'm sorry baby but we have to go with some guys for a bit. Carson you better be ready!" I yelled. I packed her a small bag as well before returning to the Living room. Inside were five men including Ryder.

"Okay, sweeties, this is Ryder. We are going to be taking a little trip." I said to the and helped put their shoes on. "You guys can sleep in the car." I said and kissed the boys foreheads.

I noticed that Ryder and Carson were extremely close together and were staring each other down. Shit.

"Ryder I would move back if I were you." I said to him.

"Why what is a little girl going t--" He was cut off by Carson swinging her bag in between the legs where the sun don't shine.

"I told you." I said.

"Okay before we go, this is Alexander, Owen, and Carsyn." I said. He nodded.

"Okay lets go." He said.

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