A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 21

When I left, a lot of things had happened that first month. I found out I was pregnant, I decided I was going to be a mother, I agreed to do a couple minor jobs for dad. And I became a new person entirely. So where did I fuck up? What happened that made it so obvious that I was still alive. I had money wired to me. I left a trail of papers I guess. I didn’t know that people still had hope that I was still alive. I mean I had a duplicate ring, the same one I still wore. I knew I had to do something about it.

I was currently walking around a park by myself or well with guards a little ways back. People seem to avoid me the best they could, I guess I still had that reputation. Then it hit me, I needed something for my children. An early birthday present. Like my sisters and I had our rings, each with a different color, they had to have something like that. A necklace. It would be longer since their so small but it would have people know who they were.

I entered a small pawn shop.

“Hello, I’ll be with you in a minute.” A man in the back said as the bell rang above. I silently nodded and began looking at the options.

“Hi, is there something your looking for?” A man asked taking out a couple items from the back. His face seem to pale when he saw me, he muttered a couple words to himself and nearly tripped.

“Cool it, I’m not that bad.” I said coldly.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners. What are you looking for?” He questioned.

“I need three necklaces, identical only three different colors.” I said.

“Okay, let me see. I think we have something over... Here it is.” He said. He brought out a rack of leathered necklaces with different colored gems in it. There was at least a dozen of them.

“I’ll take the green one, red one, and blue one.” I said and threw down a hundred on the table. His jaw gaped at the money before he cleared his throat.

“That will be fifteen even.” He said and took my money beginning to gather the change.

“Keep the change, I’m feeling nice today.” I said winking. He nodded. I left the shop and took the lift waiting for me home.

Like normal Alex and Owen were keeping Carsyn company, they rarely left her side besides to use the bathroom.

"Hey guys." I said, ruffling their hair.

"I got you guys something." I said, pulling out the small bag the man had put it in.

"What is it?" Asked Owen, I shushed him.

"Take your pick." I said holding out my necklaces. Carsyn's hands reached for the red one, Owen's the blue, and Alex the blue. Their colors.

"Okay, now I want you to put them on. Never take these off, it is your identification. You each will have one, and if you ever get lost or leave it will be your ticket back in." I said to them, helping each of them clasp theirs around their necks.

"Good idea Ashtyn. Though I remember when dad gave you a present like this." Commented Renee. I chuckled lightly.

"Boy's stay with your sister." I said.

"Your not thinking about anything are you?" She questioned. I shook my head no.

"The boy's love it here, Carsyn though I'm worried about she's never happy anymore. Only when she's playing with her brothers. She hates loud noises as well. But I know what your thinking, I'm not running." I said holding out my pinky. She wrapped her pinky around mine. I nodded and we broke it.

"Good." She smiled. I nodded and went back to enjoy the rest of the evening with my boy's and girl.

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