A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 22(Epilogue)

When I was little my father always said something about a back up card in his office. A total separate account separate from the gang's money, in his office. I was currently checking every surface. He wouldn't have had it in plain sight, it would have been sneaky. Where no one would ever check. That gave me an idea. I pulled out all the drawers, and began to check underneath it until I found a different surface, it was a small envelope painted black to look like the drawers. Sneaky bastard.

I took it out, and like normal it was a card and a note. 'half million dollars' it said. I nearly choked. My dad had half a million dollars on this card. It was enough for me to go anywhere I wanted. live off it until a more, steady, job came. I grabbed a pen and paper.

"Alex, Owen, can I speak with you?" I questioned. They nodded and told Carsyn that they would be back in a minute. I took them into an isolated room. Dried blood on the floor.

"I need you guys to promise not to tell anybody." I said. I knew that they're only three and this could mean nothing.

"If mom and your Dad, Ryder. If mommy ever left would you guys want to stay with me or Dad?" I questioned. I forced out the word dad, and attempted not to cringe at the word use.

"Dad." Alex immediately shouted out. Dad. I knew both of them wanted it, Owen agreed with him. Boy's should be with their father, and so should their sister be with their father. They needed both and I knew that they would get both.

"Okay now I need you guys to stay here well mommy goes in and talks with Carsyn." I said taking them out to the hallway. They both nodded ignoring me.

"Carsyn?" I questioned. I twisted my ring around my finger. I needed to know. She looked up at the sound of her name, she was coloring on a blank piece of paper. I took a deep breath. "I need to know something." I said and sat down by her.

"What mommy?" She questioned, turning her head to the side a little.

"If mommy ever went away, would you want to be with mommy or daddy, Ryder?" I questioned. "You." She said. I nodded and could feel tears behind my eyes.

"Okay. Mommy doesn't like it here, it's not good for you. If mommy and you just left, without your brothers. Would you want to go?" I questioned.

"Yes." She whispered. I nodded. I knew that she would miss them, I would too, but they belonged here. I knew that. I couldn't do that.

"When you get out we are going to leave, you can't tell anybody Carsyn. I mean it, Ryder, your brothers, no one." I said. I knew it was stupid that I had to trust the word of a three year old but I needed to at this point.

The boy's loved it here, they wanted to be with Ryder, and it would kill me to say goodbye, but it had to happen. They needed their father, and Carsyn wanted her mother. I would attempt a new life but I couldn't promise anything for her, not a father, but I had done a good job so far by myself. I could do it again.

"Kleo, when do you think that Carsyn could leave the infirmary?" I questioned him.

"If I'm honest she's good to leave today, I just need to make sure that the infection is gone completely. Or else we have an increased risk of it coming back." She said. I nodded. "Can you check her right now? I know it seems a bit rushed but I really want to get her outside in some sunshine. I just have to go do some work, I'll have John come down here and get her if she is all good and ready?" I questioned. She nodded. "Okay, I'll be a little bit." I said kissing Carsyn on the head.

I had packing to do.

Carsyn was asleep when I woke her up at one in the morning. She had slept on my office couch, just like I was doing work, but instead I wrote a letter to everybody. I had a car out front at one fifteen. I told them that I had a little business to take care of personally.

"Carsyn." I whispered. She stretched. I had gathered her several pairs of clothes and a bag load of snacks. I helped her put a back pack on her that held her coloring books and markers. I set the letter out perfectly and I left the room. I never wanted this life, and I wasn't going to have anybody who didn't want it either live there. Even if they were three.


Author's note

I know, Ashtyn leaving her other two kids behind is bad but I already am working on another book, I had no idea where I was going to be taking this book and now I am ready for book three.

I hope that you all have a great day!!!

-Abby Moon

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