A Life To Come Back Too

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The letter

Dear everyone, mainly my family,

I crossed my fingers behind my back Renee.

Since Ryder decided that my little break was over I had encountered several things, the main thing being I wasn't the girl that I was before. That girl was high on adrenaline, and was reckless, the girl that Ryder found was a mother, who wanted nothing but to have her children grow up safe and sound. Carsyn had been kidnapped and branded, it made me realize what danger she, Alex and Owen could be in. The only thing is that the boy's didn't want to leave when I asked them. I know it sounds awful for a mother to leave her two children and take only one but I think a little bit of us knew that she didn't belong here. That she was different then the boy's. So I took her and ran. I'm sorry, I couldn't be the woman that you wanted me to be. I never was and I realized I never would be again.

I'm sorry, but I'm not coming back

Ashtyn King

(Third pov)

Ryder slammed the letter down on the desk. She couldn't get away, not after he just got her back. She had signed away the gang to Ryder and he was angry at that. This was not how it was meant to be. What had he missed? Did he do something.

"Let her be. If she doesn't want to be here then leave it. Let her go." Renee stated in the corner. I shook my head. She scoffed. "She never loved you, she ran, you did that. Leave her alone." She yelled at me before leaving the room.

"She doesn't get to quit so easy, I won't stop looking, I will find her. No matter how long it takes." He muttered to himself before he signed his name at the bottom of the page, he was now the leader of the Kings.

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