A Life To Come Back Too

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Sneak peak!!

That was my mother's story, but I suppose you don't know mine, let me introduce myself formally. My name is Carsyn Victoria King, and the story isn't done yet. It's just getting started...

After nearly a three hour drive I arrived in the city. Pulling up to the apartment mom had given me. I pulled out the key to apartment two twenty four. It opened the first time. It was fully furnished on the inside, a love seat couch with a bookshelf, a full kitchen already packed with food. And the one bedroom with a queen size bed with an attached bathroom. I stretched out on the bed. This was the first time that my mother left me on my own. I let out a shaky breath. "lay low" I repeated her words.

Mom had told me that the King's hadn't stopped their search, it was best for us to split, so she sent me to live in the one place that they wouldn't look, New Orleans. Right under their noses. I was under the name Carsyn Gray. A funny name considering my mother's past. She said that she had enrolled me in the school down two blocks, within walking distance.

I unwrapped my new phone, an iPhone seven. It wasn't the newest but my old phone was tracked down and we had to split in the summer. I couldn't talk with her until I finished school. I had to last one year in school, then I would be done, I could live a semi normal life. Just one school year. I could do it, Right? Senior year...

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