A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 6

My palms were covered in sweat as I signed the contract. I had to do this, it was my birth right. Now to come to think of it, I never got my twenties from my sisters. Focus Ash, now is not the time to think about that. It needs to be remembered for later.

I wrote my name officially. Ashtyn Victoria King. Though I had kind of died, that was Ashtyn Gray, I had a new name. Ashtyn King. The leader of the Kingling Gang.

For the next two weeks I had remained in the office. My office. Looking through our documents and papers. We had drug cartels, prostitutes, gun trades, loans, etcetera. Random people went in throughout the day, bringing me food and water, asking if I needed anything. That was when I noticed a steady decrease in our drug cartels, each less.

"Dad, has something happen to our drug cartels? I mean do we have less?" I questioned. Now it was the opposite, my dad sitting where I sat only two weeks ago that I didn't want it. Now look at me.

"I don't think so. I can get in contact with all of them if you need." He said.

"Yes, I would like to know why we are receiving less each week. Are our dealers good? What about our intel?" I questioned. We owned nearly everything, the police, most of the entire city. More of all of it. Nothing stopped us.

"I will get into contact, but you need to come out, Carsyn refuses to do anything. She's upset nearly all the time, it takes everyone to leave the room before she eats. She doesn't even want to play with her brothers. Ryder has taken up the parental control with them, but I can see he's getting frustrated. He needs help. Take a break." He said. I knew he was right so I nodded.

"Okay." I said.

Ryder was watching a movie with the kids Carsyn was laying down on the couch, Ryder was on the other one with the two kids. I moved in to where they could see me.

"Mommy!" I suddenly heard from the three kids.

"Hi my munchkins!" I said hugging and kissing all three of their heads.

"Well look who decided to take a break." Ryder said sarcastically.

"Oh please, I have a ton of work to do every day, you know that." I said.

"Carsyn honey, are you okay?" I asked her, she looked really pale. She nodded.

"I just want to go home mommy." She whined.

"Boy's go sit next to Ryder." I said. They obliged.

"Carsyn what's wrong?" I questioned her.

"I miss you, I miss home, I want to go back. Please mommy?" She asked with tears welded in her arms.

"Baby, I know that this is rough for you, but you need to know that this is our new home. Mommy grew up here. And she is needed here. How about this, you can sit in with mommy and watch her work. I have couches and a tv. Anything to make you feel better." I said. Both boys had seemed to adjust better then her. They both laid down with Ryder. I snuggled up next to all three of them but Carsyn laid especially close.

Ashtyn. I have the reports from your father. It just came in." A man said.

"Set them down, John. Thank you." I said in a monotone voice. Carsyn was on the couch coloring.

"Mommy, who was that?" She questioned.

"Just someone bringing me something." I said.

I read over the reports.

"Shit." I muttered. I picked up the phone and dialed Ryder.

"Can you come here please?" he muttered a yeah and the line went dead. A knock came over the door in a minute.

"Come in." I said re-reading the file.

"You need something?" He asked waving at Carsyn.

"Yeah, I need you to gather a group of ten people who can go with me to do a job. Looks like one of our 'Friends' needs reminding of who he's messing with." I said, keeping it kid friendly for Carsyn.

"Understood." He said and left.

It was in the shady part of town, I left Carsyn with Ryder, the two finding another movie. The boy's went out with my mom and I got ten of the best people in our gang.

"Okay, I want this a clean mess. I don't want to much blood." I said. The three men in front of me nodded their heads. I was currently in front of a run down house. It had broken windows on the second floor and was undermanaged. Though it was underground system.

"Open up." The man to the right of me said banging on the door. In a minute a man who appeared to be forty opened the door. He was in a white wife-beater shirt, with a pair of sweatpants. The men stepped aside to let me through.

"James Termi?" I questioned. He nodded.

"What is this about?" He pressed.

"My name is Ashtyn King. Why don't you let us in and explain why your produce is lower then normal?" I questioned. His face paled and he let us in.

"I would like to know why the lab isn't creating much." I said, before adding, "We provide you with the supplies and those haven't changed. So would you like to tell me where my money is going too? Or are we going to have a problem?" I questioned.

"No, no problem. I will make more, I'm just more tired this last couple weeks." He said.

"Okay, lets make this blunt." I said.

"You have one week to make up my money or else, well we can find another to help us. If you flee, we will kill everyone you love a slow and painful death. But none more painful then yours. I'll make sure of it, personally. And fail to make this, well its just death for you." I said. He nodded slowly.

"Boy's that's all we came to say. Teach him a little lesson, but no blood." I said and watched as they circled them. It was seven versus one. He didn't stand a chance and he knew it.

"Well I'm glad to see that you have made up your money." Dad said, giving me my report.

I nodded. "Good, I don't want to have to do something that I don't have to do. It just makes such a mess." I faked a pout.

"You like the position?" He questioned with a smirk. I shook my head.

"I like the power."

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