A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 7

"Ashtyn. We have Kassie here." John, my personal errand person said. I nodded.
"Kassie." I said in a loud and clear voice. No one questioned my authority.
"Ashtyn. Good to see you again." Kassie hadn't changed much, she wore her hair in a bun; She looked amazing still.
"Please come in." I said and motioned for her into my office. The second the door shut I wrapped my arms around her.
"God I miss you." I whispered. She hugged me back. "So I heard that you are the reason that I'm back alive." I said, she smiled sheepishly. "Hey, I he just wanted me to check a few a few bank balances, and some other stuff from them, but I found yours instead." She shrugged. I nodded.
"Well I should've known better." I said. She nodded knowingly.
"Are you staying awhile?" I questioned. She nodded once again. "Ash, I'm not leaving, I live here now." She said.
"I did not know that. Why? Thought you were part of the Stone gang."
"Ashtyn. That gang is gone, we got ratted out to the cops about our. More then half of our gang was killed. Why do you think Ryder is still here?" She questioned. I shrugged. "Hadn't thought that it had happened. He just found out he's a father. He has been spending a lot of time with the kids. Though Carsyn still refuses to be with him." I said. "Carsyn?" She asked. I nodded over to the couch, she had fallen asleep not to long ago and was looking a lot better.
"The boy's come over too, but they, I don't know, I mean, Carsyn can maybe still remember Sam. My ex by the way. She was so close to him. After he left, this was the same reaction. She's been attached to me by the hip. She's going to take this up one day, if she chooses, and my boys will probably join her." I said. "But she knows that Ryder is her father, I never spoke bad of him. Just told them that he needed to do some things."
"Speaking of my boys, Ryder should be here any minute to drop them off and pick Carsyn up. I still want her to be in relations with him. She needs him, more then she knows right now." I said with a sigh and went to go wake her up.

I had taken the boy's out to see the city and currently we were in the park just walking around.
"Mommy, what do you do for work?" Alex asked me. I looked down at him. "Well buba, I own a company and we have a lot of products to sell." I said in a kid friendly way to say, 'I run a gang and we sell illegal drugs'. He nodded.
We finished the night with pizza that we took home to give some to Carsyn.
"What is going on?" I questioned as I walked into our living room.
"Boy's go play." Ryder commanded. They hesitated but I nodded my head and they ran off towards their new room.
"Ash, you can't just leave with the boy's." He reprimanded.
"I'm sorry, but why?" I questioned.
"Showing affection for your little boys, are going to make them targets, even at a young age. People want that advantage." He said. And though I hated to admit it, he was right.

I decided to have the little ones be trained, just a little, it was fun watching them try and hit the instructor that was to come by three times a week. Carsyn perked up and agreed to spending one day with Ryder a week and the boys would spend more time in the office with me, I had got them a private tutor for preschool, which was a lovely young lady that actually worked with us and would watch them at her preschool and would have them do crafts. The people that we have.
Anna had moved back to wherever the hell she lived, she was still pissed off at me for faking my death. But I suppose I can see where that went. I finally met Renee's fiancée, god she was a lovely woman. And now I was currently in bed reading over a file.
"Ash, take a fucking break will you?" Ryder asked. We hadn't talked much alone, just with the kids around.
"If you know anything, then you know the fucking paperwork that comes with it. I have to make sure that everything is right. No wrong doing." I stated but put down my file. He sat next to my bed. "We aren't sleeping together." I stated. He chuckled. "Never thought that it would be an option." He said, "But we need a plan for the kids." He said I sighed.
"Look, I don't want this to stop you. Go on and get a wife. I am glued, and I already have the heirs that it requires. I have three in fact." I said.
"But I don't want to move on." He said. "I still want to be with you." He said coldly.
"Well to bad I'm off the market for good." I said. He brought he hand closer up towards me.
"Are you sure." He asked, I gasped.
"No." I said, before he pressed his lips to mine.

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