A Life To Come Back Too

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Chapter 9

"Ash, we have a problem." Someone called, Ryder.

"What?" I questioned as Ryder opened the door. "We're being raided." He stated. I shot out of my desk as the yelling found its spot in the hallway. Our door busted open. As promised we were being raided. I pulled my gun as three people pulled theirs. They wore masks, but it was obvious one was a female as the other two towered over her young frame.

"Drop it." He insisted. "Where are they?" He questioned. I gave him a confused look. "Leader where is she?" He questioned. He didn't know me.

"I'm here." A voice said behind them it was my mother. They turned around and I shot my gun at the two men but it wasn't quick enough. They had shot my mother in the stomach. I shot the third as we made our way through the crowd. My men and women taking on the others in a pursuit of madness and bullets.

"Where are the kids?" I asked Ryder as we rounded the corner.

"Shit." He said. "Go I got them. They're in the apartment with your father." He said and picked my mom up bringing her to one of our many safe spots. I ran past people, the sound of bullets go off made the adrenaline rush through me. I took the back stairs since no one really went there. I climbed two at a time until I reached the story that I needed. I rushed inside. I noticed that my father was knocked out cold. Carsyn was in the corner huddled with Owen. There was no sign of Alex.

"Where is he?" I yelled for the forth time. Ryder was with me pacing back and forth. The men had left and we were counting the dead and injured. "I don't know." The man said obviously afraid of my temper.

"Find him. You don't understand. He's sick." I said. "Ash, it was just a cold. I'm sure of it." Ryder said in a comforting manner, Alex had been getting paler and had been more tired lately.

I shook my head no. "You don't understand. Ever since he was born, he was different. He always had something in the winter months. Bronchitis, every year since his first year he's had it. He's coughed up blood every year. He's so sick. Do you have any idea how painful it is to watch him go through that?" I said.

"He has it this year as well. If he doesn't go to a doctor he will die. He almost did the first time. He's still too young." I whispered. Ryder's face paled.

"Find my boy. Do whatever you need." Ryder yelled. I cradled Carsyn. She was just homesick, but Alex was fully sick. Owen was cradled in Ryders arms. Alex had always been a little more fragile. Doctors had said it was because he was born so small. only three pounds. He was the smallest of them all. Carsyn was a following four and Owen a six pound. Alex had multiple doctor visits. Something about fluids had remained in his lungs, before the birth he had basically breathed inside the womb.

No tears had streamed down my face yet. No, I had to be strong for Carsyn and Owen. For Ryder. And for my dad. A funeral would be held along with a burning of the bodies. Can't have any evidence can we now?

Shots sounded off in the range. I held it up.

"Ash." A voice called. I turned around lowering my gun. "They found him." Ryder whispered. My eyes widened and I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him. "Where." I whispered.

"He was dropped off at the hospital, we just received the call." He said. I nodded and we set off towards the hospital.

"I'm here for Alexander King." I said. The nurse at the station looked up at me with a bored expression of her face.

"Relation to the patient?" She questioned.

"Mother." I stated. She nodded and typed a few more things into the computer before telling me the room number. I rushed inside Ryder, and the kids right behind me.

"Alex!" I exclaimed and rushed to his bedside. He looked sickly pale. He had an IV in his arm with a breathing tube in his nose. His hair across the top of his head. I moved my arm across his head, wiping away his hair form his eyes. He had stitches on the side of his face.

"Oh my baby." I whispered. "I take it you're the mother." A familiar voice said.

"Bryson!" I exclaimed and threw my arms around the man I knew, only now he was a little older and had gray hair sprouting. "Hello Ashtyn. It's been a long time." He commented. Ryder's face was pinched in confusion.

"Bryson was the doctor for our gang, he tended to my bullet wound before my mother forced me to go live with her up in Minnesota. He just nodded.

"Okay, what's up with Alex?" I questioned.

"He had Bronchitis. Apparently this is not the first time either." He said.

"He's had it every year since he was born." I stated. He nodded, looking at the board in front of him. "Okay, no real damage done yet, he was coughing up blood when he was brought in, and we gave him a sedative to calm him down. He was hit hard before being brought in. I have prescribed him some medication for the Bronchitis. But I can transfer him to the house tonight." He said. I nodded.

"Okay." I said nodding, I wondered if it was to him or myself.

"I told you everything was going to be fine." Ryder stated.

"Before you came into my life everything was fine. Before Carsyn and now Alex, is Owen next? Is this what it's going to take. Is he going to be taken next?" I questioned yelling at him across the room. My father had taken the kids out to see their grandmother in the hospital bed.

"It was safe! He was fine!" He yelled back. I shook my head.

"What is it going to take for you to see that in order for our kids to be safe, they need a choice!" I yelled back.

"How can they make a choice if they leave!"

"You're not going to take them." He said.

"What are you going to do if I do?" I challenged.

"They are my kids too. You owe me that much, let them stay with me!" He yelled back, he was getting to emotional.

"I won't leave. Not now." I said. "Not ever." He said. "You can't do that to your family. Not again. Not to me, not to them. It isn't fair." He yelled.

But the thing is life isn't fair...


Authors note.

Okay, first of all, a comment really made this chapter happen the way it did. I'm not going to call them out but it is the first comment on the book. SO that kind of helps. I wasn't going to make anything out of Alex acting up or anything but then I got an idea. Alex is gonna have Bronchitis, and sometimes it does hit people again and again, it does the same thing to my father every year and it is soooo frustrating.

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