A Royal Beginning

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Constitutional France. Four heirs to the English throne. The Prince of Wales arrived at a crossroad, torn between his duty to Britain and his love for Isabelle, as WWII's call of war inches closer, threatening Europe's fragile peace. Nothing is really ever the same when the world is different. History is different. Duty and love conquer the ever-growing and recurring doubt and regret.

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Wednesday, 1st April 1925

Dear Diary,

I just received this diary from papa. But I doubt anyone knows anything about who I am, more like my true personality and true self. So, let me introduce myself…

I am Prince Alexander Christian Richard Victor Windsor, the firstborn son of Prince Albert, Duke of York and the first grandchild of King George V. My birthday is 18th April. My favourite colour is navy blue, and one of my hobbies includes debate in both history and politics.

Now, Diary, you must be wondering: what is the whole point of a member of the House of Windsor writing in a diary? It is to write what I truly feel, and current events that come or… anything regarding me in the matter.

One day into April and I’m wondering what I will receive for my birthday that is seventeen days away. Books or something of the latter, considering I’m quite… Predictable. I do hope it is politics related… or something relating to history. Those two things interest me the most, as linguistics isn’t far behind. Yet I do believe that I have a knack for politics, history and linguistics? But that comment is based on observations made by my family and I believe, a couple of doctors too.

Thursday, 2nd April 1925

Dear Diary,

How rude of me not to sign off from yesterday’s entry. Several pranks were going on in Kensington Palace, considering it was April Fool’s Day yesterday, alongside some private classes. I forgot about my diary. Anyway, I met two people: Douglas Everleigh and Hugo Rochegny. Douglas is very interesting, but Hugo is a prodigy, like me, considering prodigies are quite… rare.

But… It is currently 7 in the morning and I won’t be called for breakfast for another half an hour. I had been up for forty-five minutes when I had this wonderful eureka moment. What if I create a military branch, or organization inspired by MI5 and MI6, but goes above and beyond that the normal and typical espionage rules and games? Of course, I have to think of some basic things, such as name, location, and financial support. I’ll be right back, Diary.

Hello again,

I had breakfast and I did plan for the organization. It is now 10 in the morning. It is the following: 

Name: Regius Obligatus (Latin for Royal Obligation)

Motto: Dulce et decorum est pro Patria Mori (it is sweet and fitting to die for your country)

*Unofficial motto: Ad honourem et ad victorem (For honour and for victory)

Financial support: undecided

Branches (continents): Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and the Middle East

⇒ Nations of Europe:

→ UK (HQ)

→ France

→ Germany


→ Need seven more nations

⇒ Nations of the Americas:

→ US

→ Need four more nations (maybe more than four?)

⇒ Nations of Asia and Oceania:

→ China

→ Need five more nations (maybe more than five?)

⇒ Nations of the Middle East:

→ Turkey

→ Need four more nations (maybe more than four?)

Application: will be decided in the coming days


Senior Leadership Team (General Director, Deputy General Director, Assistant Deputy General Director, and Chief of Staff)

Junior Leadership Team (Heads & Deputy Heads of each continent [8])

Heads and Deputy Heads of each nation

Heads and Deputy Heads of each department of each country (336 members in total)

War Intelligence

National Security

Science & Technology

Information & Technology


Foreign Intelligence

⇒ Agents (follows the army ranks)

→ Private (lowest rank for new members)

→ Troopers (Volunteers)

Well, Diary, I believe this is enough for now. There has been a tad too much information for two hours’ worth of thinking. After looking over it again quickly, I realize that there’s no location yet. I’ll have to think about it. So, I will be going, and I will be back only God knows when.



Wednesday, 1st April 1925

Dear Diary,

How bold of my father to assume that I need a diary to reflect on my day, every single day. Yet, I will abide by his wishes. Considering it is April Fool’s Day, I hope this diary was a prank, but my father told me it wasn’t.

Today was… Interesting out of all days. I went to Buckingham Palace, at the request of my father and of the King, and I have come to meet the young Prince Alexander and I’m flabbergasted. A boy of barely four, with a sophisticated maturity and wisdom that made him stand out compared to other four-year-olds. His interests for things beyond his time earned my respect.

Yet, deary me, I am rude. Clearly. The idea of me not introducing myself is blasphemy.

My name is Douglas. Douglas Everleigh, the only child of James and Evelyn Everleigh. I’m 18, and instead of going to university, I’ve decided to serve my country by joining the Royal Navy.

Back to my meeting with Prince Alexander. I got a special request, yet it was odd that it came from the King himself. I got a job. Yes, a job. But what job? Prince Alexander’s Private Secretary. I had hoped this was a prank or something, but it wasn’t. The King told me that he will announce me as Prince Alexander’s Private Secretary on his fourth birthday, considering it was decided that it is time for the young Prince to take on some Royal responsibilities. I was astonished, of course. The King told me that I will meet up with the Senior and Junior Deputy Private Secretaries to learn the basics and rules, among other things, to help me get up to speed. I will finish here now, as it seems like I am needed.


Thursday, 2nd April 1925

Dear Diary,

I have learned plenty of things today. Since I learned of theory today, I have learned a lot of things that are behind the scenes. Also, I asked about many things, curious about everything. Tomorrow, I will be meeting Prince Alexander, just to learn more about him as a person, and to create acquaintances. It’ll be a very interesting day indeed.

I know this is short, Diary, but that’s just really it.



Wednesday, 1st April 1925

Dear Diary,

MON DIEU, it’s already April Fool’s Day? But me going to Buckingham Palace wasn’t.

Hold on.

I haven’t introduced myself to this… Diary yet because this is my first entry.

My name is Hugo Louis Aramis Baptiste Rochegny, the only child of Mark and Lily Rochegny. I’m half French and half English, and my birthday is 25th April. I’ll be turning four this year. My favourite colour is burgundy red and some of my hobbies include listening to music and writing.

Well, Maman is calling me so I better get going and leave. I’ll come back later tonight, Diary, to write about what happened.


Dear Diary,

I am back. Prince Alexander and I met, and I think there is a bond between us. I couldn’t place a finger on it, but it’s there. We’re both prodigies and we’re both barely four! This is the best day ever because I have finally got to meet someone who loves to debate politics and history. Both of us debated for a time, as it was over lunch. Several pranks were credited to us, and it was just legendary!

I’m tired, but there will be more entries tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and the day after that. Bonne Nuit, Diary.


Thursday, 2nd April 1925

Dear Diary,

I’ve woken up later than usual today as I normally wake at 7 in the morning. I’m not sure if I’m going to meet with Prince Alexander today. But I think I will.


I’m sorry, Diary! Papa just called me (several hours ago), and there was someone who wanted to meet me. I immediately rushed to see who it was (after doing the necessities).

It was from Alexander! He looked like he wanted to tell me something, as it was urgent. So, we headed off to the library and we started talking after the door was closed. He told me that he wanted to create a military branch or organization that is similar to the MI5 and MI6, but created as his own thing as it will be at the top of the espionage if I was part of the group.

He showed me the things he planned for the group. It was called the Regius Obligatus, Latin for Royal Obligation. I saw the many different aspects of it and I suddenly realized that Alexander was a force to be reckoned with. I asked him if he had asked his grandfather about this, but he said no. He just needs someone to fill one of the positions of the senior leadership team, which was me, before going. I agreed, and from this moment onward, we officially became friends.

Diary isn’t this amazing?! This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Alexander told me that I got to come to Buckingham Palace tomorrow to be there with him to pitch the idea of Regius Obligatus to his grandfather, which will start a long process of going back and forth with Cabinet to get it approved, I think. I’m not entirely sure. I had copied what Alexander wrote as the first part of the plan to bring Regius Obligatus alive and into the world inside a book, labelled REGIUS OBLIGATUS.

I will head off, Diary, as I have some planning to do.


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