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Chapter 1

The sun peeked over the misty mountain range. I could hear the horses hooves clapping against the rocky terrain. The air inside the wagon was brisk a slight scent of smoke from the latter beside me infiltrated my nose.

Upfront I could hear my mother and father chatting about god knows what as we traveled the lands to get to the train tracks. We had been planning to rob this freight train for about two weeks now. It’s said to carry riches beyond our wildest dreams.

Naturally that means some other family’s at least going to try to rob it. But my father has never missed a shot and my mother can talk her way through anything.

I stood up and crept over to the front of the wagon, making sure I wouldn’t wake up my siblings. I stuck my head between my parents.

“Mornin’ Darryl.” Pops whispered to me

“Mornin’ pops.” I replied

He took a long drag on his cigar.

“What ya need honey?” My momma asked

“I need to go to the restroom.” I stated, they stopped the wagon. “ Make it fast boy, we wouldn’t wanna miss the train now would we?” He chuckled and waved me off.

I grabbed my revolver just in case and strutted into the sourounding woods. The air smelled clean and crisp, birds chirped and water ran in a nearby creek. I unzipped my black jeans. Tree branches cracked. A slight draft flowed through my dark unruly hair.

When I finished I zipped up my pants and strolled over to the creek to fill my flask. Leaves crunched beneath my feet. I whistled a tune as I walked.

Upon arriving at the creek I opened my flask and put it down into the water. I held it there for a little, then raised it to my mouth and took a sip. It was as cold as the morning air. I closed the flask.

I started to walk back. The mountains looked gorgeous with the sunrise. The orangeish purple sourounding the sharp arches of the beautiful Rocky Mountains was breathtaking. I felt at peace in those woods. Despite only have been gone for three minutes I felt like I could have been out their for hours.

I stepped back into the wagon. Not long after the crack of a whip got us movin again. My momma and pops started chattin away again. I loved the sound of the wooden wheels rolling over rocks. The creaky noise put my in a relaxed mindset.

After an hour or so we stopped in a clearing. My momma came round back and started hootin and my siblings to wake up. I checked my pocket watch, it was 8:00 am. We all got out the back and set up a fire to cook out breakfast. Salmon and beans. We not have much so this is a delicacy for our family. My mom breastfed my brother Jack as me, my father, and my sister ate.

“How’d ya sleep last night Samantha?” My pops asked my sister

“Not too bad, I had a delightful dream.” She responded with her usual kiss ass tone. She loved sucking up to my dad so she could be the favorite. But me being 17 (two years older then her) and a boy I would always be the favorite.

“Oh and what was it about dear?” My dad inquired.

“Well...” she started to blab on but I didn’t care about that. I zoned out and ate my food. when I finished I dumped my scraps into the fire. My mom set Jack down on the tall grass and let him crawl around. She adjusted her bra and buttened up her shirt.

After we had all finished eating, we stood up, put out the fire and loaded up back into the wagon. In a few moments we were on the move again. The birds continued to chirp but the once clear skies had been polluted by clouds.

“SHIT!” My mom exclaimed

“What, what happened!” My father hastily responded

“WE LEFT JACK!” As soon as the words left her mouth we turned around, it nearly ripped the wagon over. We raced back to the clearing.

“Watch it pops you nearly killed us!” I shouted, no response. We got back to the clearing and all hopped out.

“JACK!” We all screamed in unison. The grass was knee high on me a 5”11 man this would be nearly impossible.

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