My Brother's Best-Friend

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Things can get complicated when left unresolved, but nothing is more complicated than falling in love with your twin brother's bestfriend and having him used your connection against you. Little does he know there's a thin line between love and hate.

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Part One...

It was taking everything I had in me not to cry in the back seat of my brother's car. My best-friend and his girlfriend, Angel, were sitting in the passenger seat on the side of him as we sped up the highway.

"Rain please calm down." Spoke Ryan looking as if he was trying to focus on the road, but failing. My pout deepened as guilt set in more. I always forget that he can feel what I'm feeling if it's intense enough. I don't know how we forget, but we do.

"I'm sorry Ry, I just can't believe it." I whined as a single tear slipped down my cheek. I quickly tried to wipe it away as Ryan did the same.

"Damn it Raina now you have us both crying because you dropped your ice-cream." He spat anger coating every word although he too was whining. I could hear Angel snickering at us, but I just sat back and rolled my eyes. It was his fault my feelings were so hurt.

"I'm sorry Ryan. I'm so sorry." I whined crying harder as we came to a stop. I could feel my own sadness building before realizing that Ryan felt bad for yelling at me intensifying what I was already feeling. He got out of the car and joined me in the backseat.

"Come on." He pouted as I scooted closer to him and let him comfort me. "I'm sorry I laughed so hard when you dropped your ice-cream. That was mean, but save your tears for when you're really angry at me." He whispered as I hugged him a small smile coming to my face. I felt better now that he apologized, it was all I wanted. "Like when I tell you something you may not like Rain. Something like we found a fourth roommate."

"Who?" I questioned wondering why the sudden change of topic and why he was building the mystery like he was.

"Jackson." He spat and just like that I was bawling again. I was so pissed that it was all I could do. Only this time I wouldn't feel bad about the fact that I was getting to him too. He deserved to be just as upset as I was.

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