The Gods' Confusion

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The result of communion with God, perhaps, or an internal dialogue with me, myself and I ( ink and coloured pencil cover illustration by the author, Martin Sharratt )

Martin Sharratt
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In 2008, for reasons too profound to disclose briefly, I experienced an enlightenment, regarding the plight of humankind, which has continued to expand until my present day. Although I sensed my thoughts were not only my own, at the time, I did not assume the influence as God’s.

For the time being, and for the first time, I have chosen to believe my thinking was influenced by God, and write with the hesitant belief that He, She or It has more to say.

I intend to contemplate the early development of our kind, where the roots of our troubled world began to grow, and trace our passage through time until we reach our present, before considering the steps humankind should take towards a bright future. In essence; to reconsider the meaning of life, after contemplating the factors that have led to life’s meaning at present, with the hope I am assisted in this quest by God Him, Her or Itself.

Of course; this may lead you to consider that you are reading something someone of a delusional frame of mind might write – and you might be right, for my hope is the result of a fusion between uncertainty and belief.

Yet; perhaps the fusion of uncertainty and belief reflects our understanding of God, since we are divided in opinion regarding God’s existence. And the faith of those who do believe in God seems uncertain too, because they do not consider the concept universally, within one all-encompassing religion for one all-encompassing God. As a consequence; God may find the manner in which He, She or It is acknowledged confusing, so perhaps it is not surprising difficulty is encountered when one strives to hear the voice of the divine.

I do not know God’s gender, if it exists, and neither do I know the quantity of God. I do not know whether God is a singular force, two, three, many, an indeterminable or infinite amount of forces. Nor do I know how God manifests or where God exists; whether a colossal robed humanoid seated upon a throne of clouds, or an intangible force within an incomprehensible dimension of time and space.

I do not know, but I sense God wishes to be acknowledged as an all-encompassing, omnipresent force; existing within everything that exists, has existed, will exist, does not exist and cannot exist in our understanding of existence – a force resting within every atom of our being, and the seeming void between, and since we are an element of these phenomena, we must, therefore, be a part of God.

I sense the Devil, or evil, exists too, in the same all-encompassing manner as God, or good, so the Devil is also within us. The battle between the forces of good and evil have raged within the minds of our kind throughout the passage of our evolution. As a result, humankind are a melange of sinners and saints, and all who rest between.

The battle between these forces has resulted in the world we live in, and when observing this world of ours, one might assume evil, or the Devil, has the upper hand.

We should not consider the presence of evil as unfortunate but rather, necessary, since we would not recognise good if there was no evil, just as we would not recognise hot if we did not have cold to compare it to. We would not have a conscience without evil, for conscience is the result of the debate between good and evil; the conflict between good and evil creates conscience, and it is our conscience that leads us to differentiate between good and evil. We would not have a natural conscience without evil, or be receptive to the moralistic teachings within scriptures.

We cannot eradicate evil just as we cannot eradicate good, but we may recognise the force and prevent it from destroying our planet and all life upon it, just as the dams of the Netherlands prevent the sea from destroying the country and its people.

If I have been chosen as God’s messenger, I sense it is my duty to separate God’s voice from the Devil’s, or good from evil, so the voice of God rings dominant.

The voice I hear within my mind, which may be God’s – although it sounds as though my own, and may be, and if so, it may be said it could be the voice of God, if one considers the force of good, or God, is within each and every one of us – expresses a deep concern for the welfare of our species, that of all others, and the planet upon which all life lives, and wishes our world to be the paradise it was supposed to be, for all who live and will live.

The force of God represents qualities such as love, kindness and compassion, and the force is within each and every one of us. The myriad of religions are the result of humankind considering the concept of God on a planet divided by borders, language and culture, and God wishes this division to end, so we may worship the divine as one force, since God is one force.

To worship God through a multitude of religions weakens our connection to the all-encompassing God, and, ironically, friction between faiths creates evil, when religious warfare is the consequence of division.

God asks to be recognised as one force, regardless of gender or quantity, and to accept the names given to God, in thousands of religions, are only naming the same force, just as faiths such as Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism are institutions through which one may worship the One Force. God wishes the world to unite in peaceful worship of the divine, and the irony of religious conflict to end.

Worship should be joyful, rather than fearful, since we should delight in God’s existence as God delights in ours. Above all; we should acknowledge God’s grave concern for our species, all others and this incredible planet, and eradicate these concerns by creating a world which will please God, and since God exists within each and every one of us; humankind too.

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