The Creature Seers Guide: Volume 1

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Written by generations of Creature Seers, passed down from teacher to student. Every Creature seen, studied and recorded.

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The 30 Creature Categories

1) Humanoid creatures
Creatures can come under this category for a couple of obvious reasons. They look like humans with a few little differences, such as they have wings or pointed ears or even a tail. Even creatures that walk on two legs can come under this category and there are a few famous creatures in this category including everything from vampires to Dwarves and even pixies. The ones in this category can make for the stuff of nightmares and can also make you suspicious of every new person you meet that is a bit, unusual shall we say.

2) Human-animal hybrids
The difference between this and the first category is a little hazy. Creatures described as half human half whatever-animal-or-monster qualify but they must be part animal at least so vampires don’t qualify since they just suck blood and transform into bats, they aren’t part bat. They can be more human than animal too, like having the head of an animal and the body of a human, or even be more animal and having one human feature. Also, creatures in this category don’t just have to be a hybrid of one animal and a human, they can be multiple. Gods and goddesses that are human-animal hybrids can fall under this category, like many of ancient Egypt, but not before being put in the category of religious calamities which will be covered later on.

3) Shapeshifters
Many different legends and mythologies from all over the world have creatures that fall under this category. May they be human-like creatures that can change their appearance or even change into animals, monsters that can change their size or shape into something else for different purposes, even creatures that can turn invisible can be in this category. All shape-shifters are extremely troublesome and use the people they fool to their advantage, fortunately, there can be hints given off from the creatures in this category to help identify what they are. Like humanoid creatures they can make you suspicious of strangers though and of a few strange things including behaviour in the moon and even tattoos.

4) Downright weird
From strange combinations to weird habits and odd-looking things. The creatures in this category can be scary but also unusual, the ways to deal with them are even more so. From wearing your clothing inside out to disposing of their bodies in very precise and complicated ways. However, they don’t always have to be bad creatures since everyone knows that weird isn’t always a bad thing. You may even come across a few creatures that make you laugh they are that ridiculous. Creatures in this category can also be an ally to a Creature Seer if they needed.

5) Child Snatchers
The worst thing for a Creature Seer is when one of the Creatures they see targets the most vulnerable and innocent humans on earth, children. They are not only the absolute worst of the very worst but they also a lot of the time want to feast on the flesh of children. Some also kidnap, enslave, drain and even replace them with their own terrifying offspring so that they can be raised in the human world. Creatures that come under this category are creatures that must be dealt with swiftly and with extreme urgency. Blind human children must be protected.

6) Child creatures
Some creatures take children, yes, but some creatures are wicked children that cause nothing but trouble. From undead babies that drink blood to demon offspring to replace human children, many creatures come in the form of children to manipulate and deceive so they can take advantage of humans or kill them. They can be of the result of a tragedy, which does get them some sympathy, especially if they are created by circumstances out of their control.

7) Vampiric creatures
This category is filled with famous creatures that all have a fierce desire for one thing and their entire existence that depends on and/or revolves around that one thing. Blood. The creatures are also some of the most dangerous preying on anything from virgins to unborn babies. They do have similarities in their weaknesses, are found all over the globe in nearly every culture and come in many diverse and horrifying forms. This is a category of creatures a young Creature Seer should not approach first.

8) Gore Galore
Creatures in this category usually go hand in hand with creatures in the Vampiric Category. They also are creatures that make the bloodiest of scenes and enjoy ripping things limb from limb. Creatures in this category show absolutely no mercy and are extremely violent, and like the previous category, a creature that comes under this category should be approached with extreme caution. Also if you are someone who is sickened by gore and bloody violence easily, you best hope the forces on the other side are kind to you.

9) Ghosts
A category that is explained by the title, but has some truly complicated creatures with some extraordinary and famous stories. Their behaviour can range from harmless, to protective, to brutal and evil. Some are incredibly well-known but others are only briefly mentioned and their abilities can differ as well. Some can only move objects around, but others are capable of taking the lives of living humans.

10) Demons
This category doesn’t just cover the demons and the devil from Christianity, it stretches far and wide including Yōkai of Japan, literature such as Arabian Nights and even all-powerful unholy beings from creation stories. This category has more than horned red creatures, it has creatures that revel in using and abusing humans. It isn’t just the demons that are seen on the outside that come under this category.

11) Famous creatures
Creatures in this category have achieved worldwide notoriety being influences on everything from music to literature, and film. Although the majority of Blind Humans believe them not to be real, that has not stopped them from being shared in their stories. From this, they have gained a lot of power proven in cases such as Dracula, The Jade Emperor, Baba Yaga and Jesus. Not all of them let the fame go to their heads, however.

12) Elemental creatures
Fire, water, earth, wind, lighting, and others are elements many creatures are either centred around or have control of. Some require the element to survive giving it power along with a possible weakness to other elements, but others are creations of elements. They can also be associated with certain types of weather, seasons and locations such as the sea, volcanos and deserts. Learning about elements that can be stopped by other elements can be valuable to a Creature Seer and give them some useful resources.

13) Witches & Warlocks
This category covers shamans, soothsayers, mages, sages, sorcerous, sorceresses, wizards, voodoo practisers, even witch doctors. Anyone who practises magic may it be dark or light, good or bad, healing or harming all appear in this category. In some cases, they are even said to be Creature Seers themselves. Creatures under this category can also be examples as to why you shouldn’t try magic and how it can affect the soul.

14) Urban Legends
These creatures may be fairly new to the world of Creature Seers, but some of them have made big impacts in the cities of the world. They can be found and appear in everything from trains to public restrooms. Some of these creatures appear in multiple places with some differences in details. They can also make you even warier about going down dark alleyways at night.

15) Beasts and Monsters
The scariest and most powerful creatures tend to appear in this category, along with many well-known beasties that play the villains in many legends. From Dragons to Bigfoot, to the Kraken and the Phoenix, this category is ideal for those wanting to be active and well-rounded Creature Seers, but you do need to be well-read, fit, and extremely brave.

16) Religious calamities
They do say that some of the things people do in the name of religion are ungodly, but some of the creatures in do back up that point by doing some of the most horrifying unholy things against humans. However, they can also be protectors, profits and holy beings from heaven. Creatures in this category can have awesome power and require strange ways to warn them off.

17) Female Frights
They do say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and as well as that the creatures in these prove you should never doubt a woman. From irresistible temptresses to terrifying women in white, heartbroken mothers and the odd witch. The creations of these creatures often caused by tragedies and horrible acts committed against women which can also make these creatures vengeful. They should never be ever be seen as inferior to their male counterparts.

18) Male Monsters
From Dracula to Jack the ripper and even the devil himself, many memorable male creatures are good, bad and ugly. The only thing they have in common is their gender which means they are found all over and throughout history. Some are insignificant and play a part in bigger legend and others are the most influential beings that have moulded history. Many do have a female equivalent also, some being able to transform into them, work alongside them and even fight with them.

19) Creatures of the deep blue sea
Blind humans know very little about the ocean, and although they are making new discoveries every so often if they knew that the creatures in this category were swimming around the seas they would never board a boat or go to the beach again. This category does include creatures that reside in rivers, lakes and streams but not creatures associated with the element water as they belong to the elemental creatures category. But the watery monsters in this category make sharks look as harmless as goldfish.

20) Creatures of the night
There’s a reason why some people do not lose their fear of the dark. In fact, there are several reasons, and they all appear in this category. From demons that lurk into shadows to ghosts and ghouls going bump in the night. There are several nocturnal creatures, and they are usually evil. Nighttime means many things are vulnerable and these creatures use that as well as they can. Remember to lock your doors and windows at night before you go to sleep after you learn about these creatures.

21) Creatures great and small
They do say the Lord made all creatures great and small, but there are many creatures the sizes of dinosaurs and insects throughout the world in many different places. In the sea there is the Kraken and Leviathan, on land, there are Pixies and Dwarves, and in the air, there are Dragons and Angels. The range of sizes and shapes can astonish, surprise and terrify.

22) The Undead
This is another very self-explanatory category. Dead people that for whatever reason, vengeance, anger, unfinished business, heart-break, have risen again. They don’t always have to be human either, and some even don’t come back as undead humans. Being one of the undead can change a person, into horrifying monsters that do everything from slaughter babies to suck blood for immortality. Best remember all the things used for defence against these creatures.

23) Seducers & Deceivers
These creatures are experts on manipulation, so much so that even the greatest spies in the world would be easily fooled by them. Creatures in this category always have a motive as to why they go around manipulating humans, to reproduce, feast on their blood, soul or energy, to have a slave, even to take over their own bodies. Even though Creature Seers are immune to seduction and deception, it can be difficult to free Blind Humans from the spell of creatures in this category.

24) Mysteries
There is not much to say about this category. The creatures that come under this category don’t have a lot of information available on them. They also can have some missing links in their stories such as where they came from, why they do what they do, or how they do what they do. Not all creatures in this category are evil, some are just very reclusive. If any Creature Seer learns anything new about one of these creatures should note it instantly.

25) Heroes & Heroines
They do save not all heroes wear capes, and everyone loves a heroine. May they have saved the day, gave their lives for the greater good, or even have helped do so, all the creatures in this category have gone down in history as legends loved by countless. As expected with all heroes and heroines, they are linked to Gods and Goddesses, have fought wicked monsters and wielded powerful weapons. Hercules, Mulan and many more all hold a place in this famous category. Oh, and many could also have been Creature Seers themselves.

26) Deities
Throughout history, humans have believed in many Gods, Goddesses, profits and messiahs. Mother Earth, Buddha, Jesus, and more that are responsible for everything. Their influence over humans is a force to be reckoned with. Some of them have changed the world, for better and worse, some for longer than other which is understandable as the creation of them all came from the imagination and strong faith of humans, which also lead to the creation of Creature Seers themselves. But that was before the selection was random as it has been for thousands of years. To this day, no matter how popular the religion, Deities still have much power and influence over humans.

27) Tragedies
This category is one to remind all Creature Seers that some creatures you should feel pity for and that Blind Humans are very capable of being cruel. May it be suicide, heartbreak, an early death, illness, insanity or painful loss, tragedies always involve something sad. Most of the time they end up being harmless and saddened creatures, but other times they can be bitter and vengeful creatures that will stop at nothing to punish those that wronged them.

28) The harmless and the troublemakers
Troublemakers may still cause trouble, but unlike other categories, these don’t include creatures that cause physical harm or kill anyone. They are quite harmless, hence the harmless part of this category’s title. Every Creature Seer should always remember to keep their wits about them when dealing with the creatures that appear in this category because they can still give you the runaround, but there are many important lessons to be learnt from them.

29) The good ones
The creatures in this category are as good as gold, they have big hearts and wouldn’t harm a fly. They only do good things such as protecting from evil creatures, heal the injured meaning that if you study up on these creatures you may learn a thing or two. It is also nice to know that not all creatures are killers. Some of the creatures in this category may surprise and teach that you shouldn’t always judge a creature by its first impression.

30) Allies of Creature Seers
By far the best category is saved until last. We Creature Seers throughout history have been accused of being possessed, insane, tortured, murdered, banished, shamed, locked away in prisons, and forced to accept this until we finally understood and accepted our abilities from both Blind Humans and Creatures. This category is a relieving reminder that some are on our side willing to help and fight alongside us when called upon. Not all of them are creatures of complete goodness, some have their wicked side that can be tamed with helpful guidance and knowledge.

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