Somebody to Lean On

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Raph, Don and Mikey stepped out of the bathroom in dead silence. Their eyes no longer held tears, they held defeat.

"He needs help." Was all Mikey could say.

"What he needs is his dad... a family." Raph replied.

Angel and Casey walked into the room, almost in fear that they were intruding. "Is he okay?" Angel asked quietly, her voice quivered like a lost child.

"No," Don replied. The one word. It held so much meaning behind two letters. Used so lightheartedly when it was so deep and traumatizing. It was a word that could change you, your friends, everything.

They stood in silence until a muffled buzzing came from Casey's pocket.

"I'm sorry, I have a job interview, I have to go... and, help Leo. In any way, just let him know he's loved." Casey said before grabbing his jacket and rushing out the door.

They stood in the same silence, their minds all on Leo, but what they thought, they couldn't form into words.

"He needs some space right now," Don said, they all agreed and sat on the couch, staring at a blank TV, hoping everything would be over.


Three hours later, Leo hadn't come out of the bathroom, they had checked on him, to make sure he hadn't done anything bad. All they saw him do was stare lifelessly at his scarred wrist. Behind his blank eyes, they could see the pain.

The sound of the phone ringing was the first noise in 3 hours. Angel had gotten up and answered it with a monotoned 'hello?'

Five seconds later, the phone was dropped to the ground. Angela's pain filled scream tore through the house. All of the boy's, even Leo, came running from where they were.

Through the fresh sobs, Angel cried out a series of broken sentences, "Casey... way home... car crash... dead," while the sentence was fragmented, the message made everyone's hearts fall like stone.

Casey Jones was gone.


They all were in the waiting room hospital. They had cleaned off Casey's body and allowed them to see him. They all had tears flowing from their eyes.

It had been a hit and run truck driver, according to reports. No one, at the moment cared how Casey had died, all they knew is that an innocent, kind, funny, man had lost his life.

They had headed home in the silence that had overrun their day. When they reached the house, Leo had locked himself in the bathroom again. Angel had locked herself in the bedroom, holding Casey's wedding ring. Don and Mikey had tried to comfort Raph, but had been screamed at. They knew that it wasn't the time for them to be there, so they headed home. Raph sat in Casey's favorite chair in the living room. Crying.

He needed relief. He needed it. He ran to the fridge and grabbed a can of his father's beer. In five minutes, he had gone through 4 cans. He had drank until felt no emotions other than numbed hate for the driver of the truck.


Leo's POV

I stared a long stare at the razor that sat beside me. My whole body was numb and I could see my hand reach out and grab the blade. I didn't feel the razor cut into my thumb... I felt no release.

I was about to dig the blade deeper when I heard a small crash.

I stepped out of the room to see Raph leaning against the refrigerator, but the thing that horrified me the most, was the discarded beer cans that littered the floor.


No one's POV

Leo stared in memory driven horror. Raph spun around. His eyes had a milky tint to them.

"L... Leo," he slurred, taking an unbalanced step forward.

"Raph, no... not you too," Leo could feel the hot tears stinging his eyes.

"What? You cut for relief, I do this, ya got a problem?" Raph's voice was unnaturally low and gruff. The beer can in his hand fell to the floor, the contents spilling out.

"Raph, this is different... you know it is." Leo took an uneasy step forward.

"I know, i ain't dumb, Leo. Ya know I ain't dumb." Raph staggered over to Leo, using his shoulder as support.

Leo could smell the alcohol radiating off of the teen. "Raph... first my dad... then you?"

Raph cracked a lopsided, crazed grin. "It's all about you, ain't it, Leo? Everything bad revolves around you. Well guess what?! It's my time! You have a dad, I don't. You don't need no pity party no more."

Leo's heart dropped through the floor. He fought back tears as he looked into Raph's clouded eyes. Behind the beer and delusion, he could see the pain.

"Raph, I'm sorry, I really am, but this isn't healthy." Leo tried a calm approach.

"Sorry doesn't bring my dad back. And this is healthy. I get my release." Raph pushed Leo back to the wall.

"You're such a selfish ****, you're too much of a ****** to even drink. Instead you resort to cutting. And you say drinking is unhealthy. I'm very disappointed with you, Leonardo."

Raph punched Leo in the gut before staggering off to the bathroom.

Leo sat, crying on the floor, sobbing, "Raph, I'm sorry, Raph, I'm sorry."

With that, Leo ran from the house.


Raph dragged his unusually heavy eyes open. The surprisingly bright light that flooded from the windows, made his head spin.

Raph sat up, dazed. His head had a dull throb. Raph walked to the kitchen to see all the beer cans on the ground. Then it all came back to him.

His eyes welled up with tears and he grabbed a picture frame. It was of him and Casey, he was 5. According to the date, around the time Leo's mom had been in the accident. He took the picture from the frame and gently put it in his pajama pocket.

Suddenly, his head began to throb more violently.

"****" Raph muttered. "This must be how a ****** hangover feels like."

After all the cans were in the trash and Raph had thoroughly used a whole pack of mints to rid his mouth of the horrible stench and taste, he began to look for Leo.

Raph vaguely remembered the arguement but knew that he had traumatized Leo.

After searching the house, his heart began to race. Leo was no where to be seen.

Raph screamed Leo's name, praying the quiet boy would step out of a corner.

Angel sprinted out of the room, were eyes were puffed out and red. "Raph, what is it?"

"Leo's missing!" Raph yelled before sinking to the ground, his head spinning from his loud voice.

"What? Why the **** would he leave?!" Angel screamed.

"I... I don't know," Raph lied, he knew the truth would break his mother completely.

"I... I'll call the police." Angel's voice went from panicked to dead silent.

As Angel left the room, Raph's head began to throb more. But it was drowned out by the thought of what he had done to Leo.

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