Somebody to Lean On

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Will I Ever Run Out of Tears?

Leo ran through the streets, in no specific direction. His eyes wouldn't stop spilling tears. The sidewalk in front of him was barely visible. His fingernails dug deep into his wrist, overlapping with previous scars.

He was unable to see one woman slowly walking towards him in concern. He barreled not her but she caught him gently by the shoulders.

Leo's head shot up and he wiped the tears from his eyes. The woman had kind green eyes and red hair.

"Easy there, what's your name?" She asked, while Leo normally wouldn't have answered that, he somehow sensed that she meant no harm.

"Leonardo, but people call me Leo." He answered. He tried to cover the pain in his voice but failed miserably.

"I'm April, are you okay?" She asked.

"No, have you heard of Samuel Itami?" He asked, inwardly flinching at the name.

"Yes, he was an alcoholic who abused his son. He was all over the news." She said, confused on why he was asking.

"I'm Leonardo Itami... Samuel's son." He hesitated, almost ashamed that he would tell a stranger this.

April let out an involuntary gasp. Her heart throbbed for Leo, and she immediately wanted to help him. "Leo, I'm so sorry, what about your mother?"

She never thought the question would lead Leo to do what he did. He sank down to the ground, he held his wrists to his chest and began to uncontrollably sob.

"Leo... I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...," April knelt down beside him and began to rub his back.

"It's fine, she's not my mom anymore." He again wiped the tears from his cheeks and got up from the sidewalk.

"Leo... do you have anyone you trust?" April hoped that this wouldn't set him off.

"Well... I have my sensei, but I just... he... while he cares... I don't know he just doesn't understand and I don't think he has any respect for me anymore." Leo thought back to the day when Splinter had first seen his cuts. While he cared, he had never treated Leo the same way.

The clouds that had rolled in, began to rain, hard.

"We need to get inside." April muttered. "I know you've been taught not to do this, but would you like to come home with me? You can trust me."

Leo could see the honesty in her eyes and, not having any other choice, nodded.

She led him to a small house a few blocks away.

"It's not much, but it's home," April smiled.

Leo, for once, felt like he had a mother. Without thinking, he hugged April, not wanting to ever let go of the one mother figure he had.

"Easy, do you need to call anyone so they know where you are?"

Leo remembered how panicked Angel would be so nodded quickly.

April handed her small phone to Leo and he dialed Angel's number.

After two rings, she picked up.

'Hello?' Her voice sounded completely distraught. Leo could tell she had been crying.

"Angel? It's me, Leo." He didn't know what else to say.

"Leo?! Thank God, where are you? are you okay? Why did you leave?"

Leo barely understood the questions, she had asked them so quickly.

"Alright, I'm with... a friend." Leo decided to not go into detail about April. "I'm fine, physically at least. Um... I don't think I should tell you why I left."

Leo didn't want to hurt Angel by telling her that her son had become drunk but at the same time, knew that he wouldn't be able to say it himself without breaking down and crying.

"Leo, please tell me." Angels voice was sad, it held pain and fear.

"I can't." Leo's voice cracked.

"Leonardo Itami, please tell me why you left."

Leo took a deep breath in order to delay the tears, "Raph... after... he found out... he lost his dad... he..." Leo couldn't hold it in, he began to sob uncontrollably. Leo managed to get out one word, "drunk".

Leo could hear Angel's breath catch before it became alarmingly rapid. The phone line went dead before Leo could do anything.

He stood there, frozen,except for the trail of tears that went down his face. He suddenly felt a comforting, warm hand on his shoulder. He turned slightly to see April.

"Leo, I'm sorry, I can see you're hurting and I'm there for you." April said.

Leo nodded before quietly asking, "may I go to sleep? I have school tomorrow."


Leo walked to school the next morning, dreading seeing Raph. He felt horrible about fearing the person who helped him through so much, but it came instinctively. Raphs slurred voice wouldn't get out of his head.


Leo managed to avoid Raph for half the day. When lunch came, though, Leo knew that he wold have to talk to Raph.

"Leo!" Raph's voice made Leo freeze.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, I was stupid, I was selfish, I should never have considered drinking!" Raph broke down into sobs.

Suddenly a new voice came from the side, "so... Raphael here is too weak he turned to drinking."

The two boys spun around to see Hun standing there, an evil grin spread across his face.

"Raph's eyes flashed in anger, but Leo held Raph back and stepped forward.

"Hun, I suggest you shut your face before I let Raph pummel you off the face of the Earth, and if you say one more bad thing about him, I'll be the one that will cause you to feel pain." Leo threatened.

Hun laughed before taking another step towards Leo. "Oh yeah? You can't snap a twig, daddy's boy."

Once Raph heard that he lunged at Hun, Leo soon following.

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