Somebody to Lean On

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Pain Like Fire

Raph and Leo lunged at the larger teen. Their eyes held all their pent up emotions.

Hun easily dodged, smirking at the pain hidden under their anger. He wasn't blind, he could notice the routes behind Raph's anger.

While Hun noticed the anger, he underestimated the force that came from the hate. Hun was soon knocked back five feet by the two.

He saw one opening with Leo and grabbed his wrist. Leo's eyes widened in pain at the brute force against his cuts.

Hun felt the unevenness of Leo's skin and glanced at it. When he saw the scars, his grin spread across his face.

"So, the little quiet boy cuts, huh?" Hun said in a taunting voice, loud enough for the whole lunchroom to hear. They all turned to see it.

Leo squirmed against the grasp, trying to get away from his peers.

Raph, his loathing fueled more, launched himself on Hun's back. The force made Hun stumble forward into a lunch table.

By then, the teachers had come and were trying to break it up. They gave it up, knowing that they would have to get authorities.

Hun, after regaining his footing, pried Raph from his back and held the two boys by the arms and announced to the cafeteria, "everyone, meet the drinker and the cutter,"

Mixed emotions filled the room. Some held hatred for Hun, the Purple Dragons were smirking.

A voice suddenly came from behind Hun, "put my friends down or else."

Hun whipped around to see Mikey and Donnie. They were in a defensive stance. If looks could kill, Hun would be dead.

"And what are you going to do about this, runts? It isn't like you have any use."

Before the two could retort, a siren appeared and a police car pulled up.

Hun had an evil grin on his face. He threw Raph down to the ground. Hun grabbed a knife from the nearest lunch table. He drew a long line on his arm, then shoved the knife into Leo's hand.

The police stormed into the lunchroom and saw the image an front of them. They grabbed the knife from a shaken Leo and demanded answers.

Hun was the first to answer, "These two randomly started hitting me and I had to defend myself, then this one grabbed a knife and did this to me." Hun gestured to the self inflicted cut that ran across his arm.

The policeman turned to Leo, who's eyes held terror. "I swear, he's lying, I never pulled the knife on him. He did that to himself to make it seem like I did it. I know that's sounds fake, but I swear it's true. We got into this fight only because he was bullying my friend, Raph."

The policeman walked up to Donnie and Mikey, "what really happened?"

"Well, I didn't see all of it, but I saw Hun beating up Raph and Leo, then he took a knife once he heard you arrive and cut himself." Mikey explained, Donnie nodded in agreement.

"Who's who?" The policeman asked.

One of the teachers, Mr. Eaves, stepped forward, "this is Leonardo, this is Raphael, and this is Hun."

The policeman nodded and walked up to another student.

"Did you see what happened?"

"What Leo said was right, I saw it all." She replied quietly, sinking back.

"Did an adult see it?"

"I did," Mrs. Schmidt stepped forward, "what Leonardo said was true."

"Alright," the policeman turned to Hun, "you'll be coming to the station with me."

Leo suddenly stepped in, "sir? Please can we just drop this?"

The policeman looked doubtful but nodded, "it will be forgotten, but we will inform your parents of this."

Leo fidgeted before speaking quietly, "I don't have a mom and my dad is in jail,"

"Who do you currently live with?"

"Um... April O'Neil," Leo glanced at Raph's shocked expression.



After the police had left, school had been released early.

Raph managed to catch up to Leo before he left.

"Leo!" Raph put his hand on Leo's shoulder but was shrugged off. "Dude, please don't ignore me."

Leo walked a little faster, making his way off the school campus.

"Leo! You have every right to be mad at me, but I want to talk to you."

Leo spun around, tears falling down his face.

"Raph, I have a right to be more than mad, you don't understand what I'm going through! I'm sorry you lost your dad but you knew that it would hurt me if you got drunk but you did! And now the whole school knows I cut and I only have Mikey and Donnie to rely on now! I ran away because I didn't know if you would stop drinking, like my dad! I won't stay with you because I just won't feel the same there, it's nothing against you. But for now, April has helped me and that's where I am." Leo turned, leaving a hurt Raph in the middle of the sidewalk.


Once Leo got to April's house, he sank into her arms.

"I got the call from your school." She whispered. She rubbed soothing circles on Leo's back.

Leo slowly broke the hug and sank down on the plush couch. "I have ninjitsu today"

"You don't have to go,"

"I need to, I have a commitment to Sensei." Leo sighed, wiping the tears off his face."

"Alright, just be careful and focus only on the training." April gave Leo a sympathetic look.


Leo arrived at the dojo at the same time Mikey did.

"Leo, are you okay?" He asked hesitantly.

Leo just shook his head and walked inside.

They warmed up and stepped onto the mat for sparring.

Splinter smiled at them and caught both Leo's and Raph's gazes.

"Michaelangelo, you will spar Leonardo. Donatello, you will spar Raphael."

Leo walked up to Mikey and got in the defensive stance.

Mikey attacked and the dance began, while the fighting continued, Mikey asked, "Leo, i heard about Raph. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," Leo replied hastily before dodging a fist.

"Do you want to stay with me?" Mikey threw a kick and and dodged an elbow.

"I have April, she's like my mother, before she... you know." Leo stopped and let himself get pinned down.

"I understand and that's good, but if you need me, just come over and I'll help." Mikey said before getting off Leo and bowing.


When ninjitsu was over, Leo walked home. He knew that Raph was behind him and decided to ignore him.

Once he got home, he did his homework and studied for his finals.

He crawled into bed and fell into a world of peace.


Leo woke up in the middle of the night, feeling like something was choking him. He opened his eyes to see his heater bursting with fire. Half his wall was engulfed in the blaze.

He immediately dropped to his knees and crawled from his room. He went to Aprils room to see her still in her bed. The flames were licking at the ceiling.

He could tell she was unconcious from the way she was be preaching. He slung her surprisingly light, limp form and crawled outside. By the time he had made it safely across the street, he looked up just to see the house collapse.

The firemen arrived a minute later along with an ambulance. By then, Leo had fallen into darkness from the smoke.


Raph woke up and went downstairs. He opened the fridge to grab leftover breakfast. His eyes caught the beer in the far corner. He stared at them with an unending loathing.

He shut the fridge and turned on the small TV. What he heard from the news reporter made him freeze up.

'A local house was burned down due to a faulty heater. The two residents, April O'Neil and Leonardo Itami were rushed to the hospital and suffered from third and second degree burns and smoke inhalation.'

"Mom!" Raph called.


Mikey was sitting in the kitchen, studying for a math final.

He felt his phone buzz in his pocket and picked it up. His ear was blasted by Raph's panicked voice.

It was mostly muffled, but there was one thing he was able to understand, "Get over to the hospital off of 5th avenue!"


Don was reading when his doorbell rang. He opened the door to see Mikey there.

"Hey Mikey, what's..." Donnie began.

"No time to explain, we need to get to North Hospital." Mikey grabbed Don's wrist and pulled him into the car.


They all arrived at the hospital, Mikey and Donnie demanding answers.

"Leo was in a fire," Raph whispered.

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