Somebody to Lean On

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Another Friend, Another Home

The hospital had an eery silence as the two teens soaked in the information.

"Oh gosh" was all Mikey could say. His voice was drained of all emotion.

Don just stood there. His face was as pale as a ghost. His mouth opened, but no words came.

A doctor came up and broke the void between the boy's.

"Are you here for Leonardo?" He asked in a stern voice.

"Yeah. Is he okay?" Mikey asked.

"Yes, he will be. His leg got the worst of it, but it will heal. He'll have to stay the night in case his breathing becomes uneven."

All three teens let out a sigh of relief. "Can we see him?" Raph asked.

"You may, but he is currently unconcious. He will likely wake up soon though."

The doctor led them into a hospital room where Leo lay. His face was red and had a few bandages on it. An oxygen mask covered his mouth and nose. His leg was elevated and was wrapped in bandages.

The steady beep of the heart monitor was the only noise in the room.

Don was the first to step forward. "Leo?"

No response came.

"What happened, how'd the fire start?" Mikey asked.

"They said it started from the heater." Raph muttered.

"At least Leo will be okay," Don said.

Almost on cue, Leo began to stir in his bed.

"Mh?" He murmured.

"Hey, Leo, you okay?" Raph stepped forward.

Leo cracked his eyes open and, upon seeing Raph, curled up on the other side of the bed.

"Leo... I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry. I swear, I lost control and I was being stupid. I understand your anger. You have every right. But please, you don't have to fear me."

Leo's eyes grew dark. "Raphael, do you have any idea what the **** you said to me while you were drunk? It was like reliving the past 8 years of my life. I appreciate you coming, but please get out."

Raph stepped back as if punched in the stomach. "Leo... I'm concerned for you. You were in a fire. I'm your friend, or I hope I am."

"Raph, you lost all my trust when you took that first sip of beer. Please, I'll talk to you when I'm ready and I'm not ready right now." Leo's voice became stern. "Get out, please."

Raph turned away to hide the tears that had overflowed. He walked out without a word.

Leo turned to the remaining boys, "sorry you had to see that."

"Leo, I understand why you don't trust him. It's okay." Don smiled lightly.

"Can we please drop that subject?" Leo asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Mikey and Don nodded, "do you hurt anywhere?" Mikey asked.

"Uh, my leg is sore, but it's not bad." Leo replied.

"Alright, Leo. One question, where will you be staying now? I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything, but... you know." Don said, hesitant about the last part.

Before Leo could reply, Mikey interrupted, "he's staying with me."

Leo shot Mikey a 'really?' look.

Mikey grinned and nodded. "Once he's okay, he'll stay with me."

"We should probably go, let you rest." Don said.

"Okay," Leo replied. As the two left, Leo mouthed a thanks to Mikey, who was grinning ear to ear.

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