Somebody to Lean On

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You're My Lifeline, I am Yours

Mikey followed Leo from a distance, telling the police where he was headed. His heart was pounding straight out of his chest. He could feel the sweat mix with the tears and he could feel the fear bubbling up inside him like a volcano.

He followed Leo, surprisingly to his old house. Leo took a small key from his pocket and unlocked the door and ran inside. Mikey ran faster, he could hear the police sirens approaching and was so grateful for those shrill noises. He yanked out his phone and called Raph, he didn't leave room for Raph to say a word. All he said was, "Get to Leo's old house now!" After that, he did the same to Don.

He entered Leo's abandoned house. It gave him a haunted feeling. He saw all the discarded beer bottles and cigarette boxes, some full, some empty.

He heard the police come in behind him. He walked through the house as though it had traps or a monster around every corner. He took cautious steps as though the floor would concave beneath his feet.

He heard a noise in the bathroom and he saw the faint glow coming from under the door. He opened the door and saw Leo, tears were coming in waves down his pale face and he was shaking. He held a large knife to his wrist, right where a large vein was prominent.

He looked up and shrank back against the wall.

A voice piped up behind Mikey. "Leonardo, please don't do this," the policeman said, he took a hesitant step forward.

A new voice reached Mikey's ears. "Yeah, Leo, if you die, I'll kill myself too." Mikey wheeled around to see Don and Raph standing there, knives to both their wrists.

Leo froze, he looked more frightened than a deer in the headlights. His eyes were no longer holding anger and resentment, but pleading.

"Leo, please, I didn't mean that stuff. I swear, I was mad. I was mad I wasn't able to help. I swear," Mikey stared at Leo. His light blue eyes were pained and apologetic.

"Leo, I was there the whole time, you could have come to me. I would have listened and I would have been your shoulder to cry on. I don't want you to die... please," Don took a step forward.

"Leo, look at me straight in my eyes when I say this, I never meant to get drunk. I didn't know what to do. This is what you're like now, you don't know what to do. I can tell you that killing yourself isn't a solution. I love you like a brother, Leo. I am so sorry and guilty. If anyone deserves to die, it's me. Please don't commit suicide, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Leo, I don't want you to be dead. You're one of the best things in my life. If you die, you'd take a part of me with you." Raph cried.

The four boys stood in silence. The police wordlessly grabbed the knives form them and stepped back.

Leo suddenly ran forward and right into their arms. He was shaking with sobs and clung to the three like a lifeline, because they were, they were his lifeline.

"I... love you... too," He choked out.

"Never... do that... to us again." Don cried.

They stayed that way for hours. Tears were long gone, just dry, raspy sobs. They refused to let go, for fear that if they did they'd be gone.

They finally broke apart when Raph's mom walked in, she ran to the group of boys and crushed them all in a suffocating hug.

"It's on the news." She wheezed, "but I don't give a ****. You're alive."


A week later, Leo decided to go and visit his dad. He slowly walked into the prison, his heart was beating rapidly. He felt the sweat form on his hairline.

When Leo was finally able to see his dad, he felt salty water pool in his eyes.

"Hi Leonardo." Samuel smiled, he saw the glistening tears in his son's eyes and his grin faded.

"Hi dad," Leo wiped the tears before they could fall. "I missed you,"

"I missed you too. Leonardo, I'm so very sorry, you don't deserve me, I was horrible to you. You don't have to forgive me, but please just know that I truly love you and am so proud of you... my son."

Leo felt all the tears come rushing back at his dad's words. "Dad, I don't blame you, I forgive you, I do. I don't know what else to say... other than I love you too."

"I'll write to you, if you want." Samuel said.

"I don't have a house, a place to stay, but I'll write to you when I do." Leo smiled, it quickly dissolved into a look of sadness when he saw his day's face.

"It's all my fault, I am so very sorry." He murmured.

A sob nipped at Leo's throat, threatening to bite. He could feel another wave of salty tears coming but fought them back. "It's not, I swear dad."

"Leonardo, look me in the eyes." Samuel said, while the words themselves were stern, his voice was soft, almost timid.

Leo looked up, blinking away the remaining tears. He looked at his father. The eyes he saw were almost unfamiliar to him, like a stranger. It was like he expected to see the clouded, drunken eyes that haunted his dreams and memories. Instead he saw kind, saddened chocolate eyes.

"You grew up too fast. You never had a childhood, I can see it. I'm so sorry, I made your life a ******* hell." Samuels voice broke and he turned away,hiding his face in obvious shame.

"Dad, I'm alright, we'll get through this, together." Leo said, his voice comforting.

"Five years."

"What?" Leo stared at his dad wondering what he meant.

"Five years I'll be here, I won't be there when you graduate, I won't be there, just like I wasn't there before." Samuel slumped back in utter defeat.

"Dad, I love you, I always have and I always will. I could never hate you and I've forgiven you. You can't blame yourself for not being there. I wasn't there for you when you were drinking. Dad, we get through this together." Leo looked at Samuel, a determined look gleaming in his dark brown eyes.

Samuel smiled, lightly.

A policeman came in, "visiting time is over, you may come back tomorrow," he said.

Leo mouthed I love you as he walked out of the room, he took one last glance to see his dad mouth it back.


Donnie was walking home from ninjitsu, he wondered how Leo was. He knew that Leo was visiting his dad for the first time so he'd have a couple questions about that.

He turned the corner to see Hun and a couple more purple dragons standing at the corner, he didn't miss the cigarettes hanging loosely from their lips.

Hun turned and smiled darkly. He took the cigarette from his mouth and crushed it in his hand. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the brainiac. Come for another beating?"

Don froze in his spot, his body was tensed and his knuckles were white. All color was drained from his face.

"Ya scared, wise guy? A math equation ain't gonna help ya now is it?" With that, Hun advanced.

Not knowing what else to, Don backed away and screamed a blood curdling plea for help.

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