Somebody to Lean On

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Prologue: Meet Don

Don smiled as he walked into his house. He finally had a good friend who could spend time with him.

He went to his room and pulled out a large math textbook. He began to read it and soon, fell into a dreamless sleep.


The next day, Don sat next to Mikey on the bus and quizzed him on the Social Studies test that was that day. He was impressed how much Mikey had studied and was confident that he would get a good grade.

When they arrived, Mikey headed to his locker and Don headed to his. When Don made it there, he was met with the shadow of tall, muscular guys looming behind him. The largest one stepped forward, tattoo of a dragon coiling around his arm.

"What do you want, Hun? I'm not interested in joining the Purple Dragons or fighting you, so please just let me go to my locker." Don didn't want to fight, he didn't know how.

"Shut up. I heard you were tutoring that dumb blonde guy, must be hard for ya, putting up with that idiot."

"Be quiet." Don hissed through suddenly clenched teeth. "He's smarter than you." He didn't know where that aggression had come from. He had only met Mikey the day before.

Hun lashed out and slammed Don into his locker. The brute force of it made Don's head spin.

"I'm a lot of things, brainiac, but dumb is not one of them. You should get that through your head." Hun raised his fist, but before it made contact, a punch to Hun's own face sent him reeling back.

There, standing in a red tank top and torn up jeans, was Raphael.

"Stay away from him, Hun. And change your dragon's color. Makes ya look like a girl." He said roughly before walking off.

Don caught up to him quickly. "Thanks! Not that I didn't appreciate it or anything, but why did you save me? We've never talked or anything."

"Me and Hun don't exactly get along, plus, he needs to learn to pick on someone with his own skill." Raph replied. Don didn't know whether to be grateful or offended.

"Well, thanks. Where'd you learn how to fight?" Don was curious.

"You know that Martial Arts place, Hamato dojo?" Raph asked.

"Yeah, I'm about to start a class there." Don replied, knowing where this was going.

"I'm going there, I started about three months ago, but I learn quickly." Raph smiled.

"That's cool. I'm going to start a class so I can stop getting beat up by Hun." Don sighed.

"Why don't ya stand up fa yourself?" Raph asked.

"I'm the typical nerd, all brains, no muscle." Don replied. "I've been bullied since second grade. I've thought about suicide, but that was two years ago when the bullying was at its peak." Don avoided Raph's glance at the sudden reveal of one of his deepest secrets. Where had THAT come from? Why was he spilling his guts to a boy he barely knew?

"Oh, I'm sorry." Raph looked down, a slight shadow falling over his eyes.

"It's not your fault. Trust me, it's the bully's fault." Don said, smiling re-assuredly.

Raph slung his arm around Don's shoulders in a comforting manor. "Well, we better get to class. See ya around. And tell me if those jerks are pushin' ya around again so I can give em a beat down."

Don smiled and walked into the chemistry room, even more happy than before.


After the school bell rang, Don and Mikey walked over to Raph, who was making an attempt to flirt with a cheerleader who showed no interest and walked away.

"Hey, Raph, this is Mikey, you know, from geometry?" Don introduced them. He wondered how they would get along.

"Sup," Mikey said.

"Sup." Raph returned the greeting.

"So... Mikey's going to take ninjutsu too." Don said, thinking of something for them to talk about.

"Cool, trust me, the sensei's really strict. He's always hard on everyone." Raph said, laughing at Mikey's slightly frightened expression.

"It's still fun, Mikey, just hard." Raph lightly punched Mikey in the arm as they began to walk towards the bus.

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