Somebody to Lean On

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Light of the Past

Don tried to,run but wheeled into a Purple Dragon who had come around from the back. He held the shaking genius by the shoulders to face Hun.

Hun smiled an evil crooked grin. "I heard your emo friend tried to kill himself. Pht! Why do you even bother with that mistake of life? In fact, why do you even bother with your life? It's just as pointless as your other friends."

With that, Hun grabbed Don by the throat. "I think I'll do you a favor and end it for you."

Don could feel the air being deprived from his lungs and his windpipe slowly caving in. Black splotches appeared in front of his vision and his eyes began to water.

Suddenly, he felt the oversized hand being yanked from his throat. He dropped to the ground, gasping in refreshing gulps of sweet air.

He looked up hazily, to see two figures fighting off Hun and the others. As his vision finally cleared, he recognized the two figures to be Raph and Mikey.

"Stay away from him, you annoying overweight *******!" Raph yelled.

"If it isn't the hothead and the idiot." Hun growled, he lunged again, striking Mikey in the head. Mikey was knocked back into another Purple Dragon who soon held a small knife to his neck. Blood began to pool out of his nose.

Raph sent a kick flying into Hun's hard abdomen. He stumbled back a little but regained his footing and took a defensive position.

Raph noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see the other three Purple Dragons stalking forward. Their eyes were dark against the glint of the moon.

They all leaped forward at the same time, managing to grab Raph by both arms and hold him back.

Hun walked towards the three captive boys, slowly, almost tauntingly.

He raised his oversized fist and slammed it into Don's rib cage. He felt the ribs crack underneath his knuckles.

Don's scream ripped through the crisp air. Despite being in a neighborhood, not one person came out of their houses.

Hun brought his fist up, prepared to strike again when another cry sounded and another being knocked Hun's fist out of the way. Leo let go of Hun's wrist and stepped back.

Leo looked at Hun, who stared right back. Their angry gazes clashed together like fire and ice.

"Stay away from them, ****** ******." Leo whispered through clenched teeth.

"If it isn't the suicidal one himself? How are those scars healing up?"

Leo's heart thudded a little more at the remark, but he kept a straight face, not willing to let Hun see him weak.

"Just fine. Are your grades finally rising above a D?"

Hun laughed at the retort and stepped forward, standing menacingly over the short teen.

"Your attempts at disses amuse me."

Leo suddenly stepped out of the way to avoid a punch from a Purple Dragon behind him.

He grabbed the attackers wrist and flipped him onto his back.

He murmured a silent thanks to Splinter for teaching him that third day.

Hun took the distraction and grabbed Leo around the waist and lifted him up. He nodded to the Purple Dragon who had just picked himself off the sidewalk.

Hun, literally, handed off Leo to the other man. Then he proceeded to grab a bottle of beer from the cooler by the lamp post.

He walked towards Raph and unscrewed the cap. He held the open bottle under Raph's nose.

" Recognize that smell, tough boy?" Raph shut his eyes tight, almost reliving that horror filled night. "Denying it, huh? Don't want to think about it?"

Hun stalked over to Leo and did the same. "You must be used to that smell. Your papa and your... pathetic excuse of a friend. Hehe, you know, I wonder if you still want to die..."

He spun around to face the other three, "what if you find him dead, because you couldn't be there for him. Raphael, you caused him to want to die, how does that feel, the guilt?"

The four boys stayed silent, their emotions churning like the water after a tsunami. They still kept straight faces though, refusing to give Hun any advantage.

Suddenly, four police cars pulled up. The other Purple dragons dropped Leo, Raph, Mikey and Donnie and began to run, but the police quickly caught up.

One policeman walked up to the four who were all stunned on the ground.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his voice was deep, but it held all the sympathy he could offer.

Leo immediately recognized the officer as the one who had escorted him after the big fight with his dad and Raph.

"Don?" Mikey asked, he turned to the smart brunette who was clutching his ribs, tears were slowly beginning to trickle down his face.

"Get him to a hospital," Raph said.

"We'll take you three, as well, you all should be checked over." The policeman agreed.

"What about Hun?" Leo asked timidly, his voice was cracking.

"He will be taken to court and most likely be charged for many previous offenses plus these." The policeman replied.

"Oh, okay." Mikey said.

They helped Don into the car and drove off.


In the hospital, Raph, Leo and Mikey all sat. Mikey had been treated for a broken nose, Raph had a bruised shoulder and Leo only had a couple bruises and scrapes. Don was getting his ribs fixed and all three of them hoped to see him soon.

"I think we've been to the hospital way too many times," Mikey sighed, sinking back into the green chair.

"Agreed," both Leo and Raph said.

The doctor appeared and brought them back. They walked over to Don, who's chest was wrapped tightly in bandages.

"Hey, how ya holding up?" Raph asked.

"As good as possible." Don muttered. "I lives have been way screwed up lately."

"This stuff doesn't happen a lot. It's like the world is targeting us." Mikey agreed.

"I hate it," Raph huffed angrily.

"Life's been like one big bad blur of ****." Leo nodded.

"What has happened lately, I mean, I don't even remember how we met now. So much has happened." Don sighed sadly.

"I remember, I was flunking... some class, can't remember which. But then you helped me pass it." Mikey said, a grin spreading across his face.

"Then I saved you from those ****** ******* Purple Dragons at school." Raph said.

"Then I helped out your family by giving you the money." Leo joined in. Suddenly, his face dropped, "then life went downhill fast."

Raph put his arm around Leo and squeezed his shoulder lightly.

"Do you know when you'll get out of the hospital?" Mikey asked, changing the subject in hopes of lightening the mood.

"I think just a few days, if not, a week." Don groaned. "I hate hospitals."

"You and us all," Raph agreed.

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