Somebody to Lean On

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Truth Revealed

Raph stood there, unable to move from the spot he had been knocked to. The image of four angry red cuts on his friend's wrist had ripped his heart out.

He was brought out of his horrified trance by Splinter, Don and Mikey running towards him.

"Raph, what happened?" Mikey asked, frantically.

"Leo..." Was all Raph got out.

"He what, Raph?" Don asked.

"He..." Raph began to hyperventilate.

"Raphael, calm down. Now tell us what happened." Splinter soothed.

"Leo, I tackled him and his sleeve rolled up. I saw... oh man, I think Leo cuts." Raph laid back, sobbing.

The other three stared at the red head in shock.

"Leo... self harms?" Don asked quietly.

"Why?" Mikey murmured.

"I don't know, my students. I will go see if Leonardo is alright." Splinter got up and walked to the bathroom.

"Are you sure?" Don questioned Raph.

Raph nodded. "I've seen it before, I had a friend who used to... you know. I know those kind of cuts marks anywhere,"

Mikey's sad pale blue eyes filled with tears. "Why would he do that?"

"I don't know; I want to find out though. We need to help him." Raph wiped his eyes.


Splinter walked to the door of the bathroom and quietly knocked on it.

A tear filled voice answered, "Don't tell my dad."

Splinter's eyes narrowed, "Leonardo, may I come in?"

"Sure," Came the quiet reply.

Splinter opened the door to see the skinny teen curled in a tight ball under the sink.

"Leonardo, why do you not want me to tell your father?" Splinter asked quietly.

"'Cause." Leo just whispered.

"Because why?" Splinter asked.

"He won't understand."

"Why did you do this?" Splinter took Leo's wrist and examined the small slashes.

"I needed a way out," Leo answered.

"A way out from what?"

"Pain." Leo chocked out before bringing his arm back close to his chest.

"What pain?" Splinter knew that Leo would answer when he was ready.

"Emotional pain," Leo said before tucking his head against his knees. "Can I please go?"

"Yes, Leonardo, but please, do not do it again." Splinter quietly pleaded.

Leo nodded and walked out of the dojo, passing Raph, Don, and Mikey numbly.

Leo walked home to see his father's car parked nearly sideways in the driveway.

"He's getting worse." Leo sighed.

He walked into his room and shut the door. He sunk to the ground and sobbed. All he could hope for at the moment was that his father wouldn't come in.


After an hour in the same position, the doorbell rang. Leo's broken heart slammed to a stop. He walked to the entry way, praying it wasn't Raph.

He opened the door to see said person.

"Raph, please, not now." Leo hissed, knowing his father would surely come out pretty soon.

"Yes now. I'm worried for you, Leo." Raph said as he invited himself in.

"Raph, I'm serious, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I'll go over to your house, just please don't have us talk here." Leo was sobbing with fear. He looked as though he was ready to get down on his knees and beg.

"Alri-" Raph began when a booming, slurred voice rang throughout the house.

"Leonardo!" Samuel rounded the corner. A half drunken beer can in his right hand, a lit cigarette in the other.

"Raph, get out NOW." Leo hissed before swinging open the door. He pushed Raph out and was about to follow himself when a strong hand yanked his shoulder and slammed him into the wall.

"Who's yer friend... loser?" Samuel asked. His discarded beer can lay spilling out over the floor.

"Raph, I'm telling you, run." Leo said to his friend who stood shocked in the doorway.

"Oh, so he's part of the low down, pathetic Jones family. Those ******** deserve the same **** as you, Leonardo."

Raph's eyes widened larger and he walked closer to the man. "Don't you talk about my family that way; they're a lot better than you. Now leave Leo alone before I call the cops."

Samuel released his shaking son and stumbled over to the taller, muscular boy. "You've got the brain the size of my son, ******. You'll regret every word that ever came out of your mouth."

Samuel raised his fist and brought it down towards Raph's face when a blur stopped it.

The next thing Raph knew, Leo was on the ground, holding his face.

"You... monster!" Raph screamed as he knelt down beside Leo.

"That's me," Samuel grinned maniacally as he kicked Raph in the gut, sending him flying back.

Leo got up slowly, helped Raph up and ran. They ran to the house next door.

His mother opened the door and screamed at the sight of Raph, her son, and Leo, the boy who saved her house.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?" She gasped in horror.

"Let us in, but no one else! Call the police! Assault and abuse! I'll explain it in a moment!" Leo screamed as he and Raph dove into the house.

Raph's mom sprinted into the kitchen and dialed 911. She had just finished the call when a banging on the door rang through the house.

"Don't open the door!" Both Leo and Raph shouted.

"Who is it?" She asked, panicked.

"My dad! Whatever you do, don't..." Leo stopped because the pounding on the door had ceased.

"What the-" Raph began.

Suddenly, the window shattered and Samuel climbed in. His fist was bloody and his eyes were deranged.

His eyes fell on the two shaking boys. "Leonardo, you have been a very bad boy." He quoted.

That made Leo snap.

Leo ran up to his father and screamed, "What is wrong with you?! The reason why you're like this is because mom left us! Now you're mocking her?! You are sick and twisted! You deserve to..."

Samuel grabbed Leo's arm and twisted it. The sound of snapping bone rang throughout the small house.

Leo let out a strangled cry before sinking to the floor.

Police sirens began to sound in the distance. Samuel heard them and clambered out the window, running around the back and out of sight.

Raph and his mom ran to Leo, who was shaking on the floor.

"Leonardo, are you okay?" She asked frantically.

Another knock on the door caught their attention.

"This is the police, please open up."

Raph scrambled to the door and let them in.

"What happened here?" One asked, his eyes focused on Leo.

"I don't know the whole story." Raph's mother began to sob. "My son, Raph and his friend, Leonardo came rushing in with giant bruises telling me to lock the doors and call the police. Then Leonardo's father came in. He was drunk because I could smell the alcohol on him. He attacked my son and Leonardo. Then he said someone and Leonardo screamed. Then the man grabbed Leonardo's arm and broke it, them he heard you and ran." The words flew out of her mouth like hellfire.

"Half of you, chase after him. Can we have medics here stat. Ma'am, please tell us your name."

"I'm Angel Jones. My husband is Casey, but he's at a job interview." Angel replied.

After a solid five minutes of panic, medics rushed through and helped Leo onto a stretcher. One of them turned to Raph. "Son, we'll need to check you out too, please come with us, you can stay with your friend."

Raph nodded as they were led to an ambulance. Angel following close behind in her car.

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