Somebody to Lean On

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I'm Here, We're Here

"Mom?... Chaplin?" Leo stared at the two people shocked.

"Leo, I heard what happened on the news. I shouldn't have left you with that... thing." She spat out 'thing' like a disease.

Raph, Don, and Mikey all made a protective wall in front of Leo.

"You stay away from him, you *****" Raph growled defensively.

"Don, Mikey, can you guys leave the room? Raph, I know the doctors won't let you leave the room so please try not to listen. Chaplin, please just leave with Don and Mikey." Leo said. They all nodded hesitantly.

Don, Mikey and Chaplin left the room and Raph sat on his bed, back turned to Leo and his mother.

"Leonardo, I'm so sorry. I was confused, old friends helped me regain most of my memory. I shouldn't have last you with... him,"

"Mom, while I love you with all my heart, you have no right what so ever to come back now. I needed you. You left me when I needed you. Every day for three years after you left, I would stare out the window, praying that you would come back and give me a hug and make dad stop drinking. I was five when you left. That day you woke up was the day I grew up. I learned what drinking was when I was six. I was abused, I gave away my college money because the names convinced me I was stupid. I don't blame dad, though. He had no control because he only saw drinking as relief. If you had only come back, just to visit even, he might have stopped. You never even came. You left us. I don't blame you, but you could have stopped this." Leo began to sob uncontrollably. Venus rushed to comfort her son, but at her touch, the shaking boy pulled away.

Raph, upon hearing Leo's cries, ran over to Leo's bed and began rubbing comforting circles on his back. Leo curled up in a tight ball in Raph's lap.

Venus watched this, tears falling out of her eyes.

"Leo, honey, I'm so sorry. I thought you were okay. When I heard about you on the news, I knew I was wrong."

"Look, Venus, Leo has been emotionally and just recently physically abused because you never bothered to contact either of them. You're even more at fault for this than his dad is, and let me tell you, I hate that man a lot. He just had probably one of the worst times of his life occur last night and he doesn't need one of the causes sauntering in and thinking an apology is going to cover it. Now get out." Raph hissed.

"Sry momma," Leo murmured.

Venus stared at her broken son before whispering, "I love you, Leo, never forget that, baby." She walked out of the room while tears streamed down her cheeks.

Don and Mikey slowly walked into the room and sat next to Raph who held a sobbing Leo in his lap.

"Hey Leo, you okay?" Mikey asked, knowing it was a stupid question.

"Of all... the times... she could have come... was the one time... it was too late to save my dad." Leo chocked out.

"Leo, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have interfered," Raph sighed.

"It's okay... not your fault." Leo whispered.

Suddenly, the door opened again, revealing a doctor.

"Leonardo Itami, Raphael Jones, you are free to go. It has been agreed that you, Leonardo will stay with Raphael until further notice. You will go back to school tomorrow if ready."

They all nodded.

"Hey, Mikey, Don, how about we all spend the night at my place?" Raph suggested.

"Yeah," they all agreed as they walked into the lobby of the hospital.


When they all reached Raph's house, they set up two large mattresses in the middle of the living room.

"Night everyone," Leo said.

"Night Leo," they all replied before dog piling in the middle. The pain was forgotten in a whirlwind of dreams.


Leo, Raph, Don, and Mikey all walked into the school. Leo and Raph got strange, almost sympathetic looks from all the teachers.

The first three classes went smoothly. The teachers gave Leo the week off from homework due to what they referred to as 'problems at home'.

Then lunch arrived.

Leo was taking his tray to the table when a foot caused him to trip.

He looked up to see Hun smiling above him.

"Hey there, daddy's boy." Hun's grin widened at the hurt look that flashed across Leo's bruised face.

"Hun, leave him alone." Don pushed Hun away from Leo.

"Well well well, if it isn't the nerdy ****, Donatello. So desperate for friends you went to the outcasts."

"Get away from him, you walking continent." Mikey joined Don.

"Yeah, you mess with one of us, you get all of us." Raph hissed.

"So stay away," Leo got up and joined the others.

Hun stalked away, muttering curses under his breath.

"We all stay together, right?" Mikey asked,

They nodded in agreement before walking over to the table.

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