The Gray Chair and Enchanting Man

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The girl is having a vivid dream about a handsome man telling her to sit in a chair, but it appears to be harder than she had thought.

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The Gray Chair and Enchanting Man

Running, I was running it felt right to run. Although, I couldn’t feel the ground beneath my feet it felt normal to me. I felt my legs graze each other, warranted I was running like a mad man, with no direction but the basic instinct to run. Then out of nowhere I came to an abrupt halt.

Finally, I was able to come to terms with the setting around me, when I was running, I saw nothing but a pink and blue blur. I ended up in a room, a big empty room. Each wall had a different color. Hmm that’s weird, I won’t question it though. There was a big rectangle window at the center of the room, the window was open all the way. But there was nothing but white on the other side of it. For some reason I had this undying need to jump out of it, like it was my destiny to jump out that window. I slowly started to walk up to the window, but then I felt a familiar presence on the side of me. So, I turned my whole body to face it. I guess jumping out that window wasn’t what I needed to do.

I approached the presence; I was drawn to it like a magnet. I had the feeling that I knew this person but at the same time had no idea who stood in front of me. He was freakishly tall, he looked to be about 7 feet, he was dark skinned and had very enchanting eyes that put me in a trance. He beckoned me to sit down which I was confused considering the room was empty. I think he gathered I was confused because then a sly smirk appeared on his beautifully chiseled face. He then gestured me to sit down again, though this time when I looked there was a gray chair it looked to be very comfortable. As I got closer to sit in the gray chair, it suddenly became large in size. Luckily there was a built-in ladder for me to climb to the cushion of the chair. I didn’t want to climb the chair, but I had to in order to sit down. I tried to jump to the seat of the chair and miserably failed. This made the handsome man chuckle, my struggle amused him. I, on the other hand was not so amused and quite aggravated. I didn’t see why I had to do all this to sit in a chair. Just a moment ago the chair was fit to my height. The chair was within my reach. Now in the blink of an eye, the chair was an obstacle, I could only hope there was something in that chair cushion that made the climb I’m about to take all worth it.

After coming to terms with the fact that I couldn’t cheat the chair, I looked for the enchanted eyed man’s help. Then I realized he had become the same height as the chair, tall and out of reach. I became rushed with emotions of anger and began to think that I shouldn’t have approached the man to begin with. I then decided that I was going to do what I intended to do in the first place. I was going to jump out the window, it seemed a lot more feasible. After deciding to change directions I began to look for the window, the open window that took up half the space of the wall was gone, and all that was left was the blank purple wall itself. Yet the gray chair was still there and the handsome man as well. It appeared that they were both waiting for me. I guess I must climb this chair and see what awaits me.

I was not happy at all about this. I was upset, all exits to the big empty room were gone and all that was left was the tall chair and the man with it. I didn’t understand why the man couldn’t make me tall with him, it was him that wanted me to sit in the chair to begin with. Or at least he could climb it with me, to help make the journey more bearable. The man then looked down at me, gesturing me again to sit in the chair. I got angry and decided to throw a punch at him, as I threw the punch my fist went through his shin. In fear of getting my forearm stuck in his legs, I pulled back. Then I thought to myself never again. After putting up much protest and objection I decided not to waste any more time and just climb the gray chair.

I began to put my feet upon the first rung of the ladder, then the second and so on and so forth. I was overcome with relief. I came to the realization that the climb to the top would be facile. I probably would have made it to the top already if I hadn’t put up protest. Climbing the ladder didn’t feel strenuous as It seemed to be. I finally reached the halfway point of getting to the chair. When I looked below me, I was very from the ground, and everything beneath me was gone. It appeared to be the gray chair was now floating. Which left me feeling quite anxious, I took a deep gulp and kept making my way up. Seeing as there was no way to go back down.

Finally, I made it to the seat of the gray chair. It felt like the journey was long, yet it wasn’t long at all. I was neither tired nor strained. The ladder that helped me get to the seat of the gray chair was now gone and all that was left was the chair itself. But there was more to that gray chair, it wasn’t just a chair. it appeared to be a new floor level. It had two chairs and around them a beautiful garden surrounded them both. In the second chair was sitting the enchanting man, who for the third and final time gestured me to sit in the chair. I chuckled slightly and made my way to the chair finally taking a seat next to him.

I sat down resting my arms on the arm rest and let the chair consume me. The handsome guy then started to caress my hand; weird gesture but I didn’t complain. While doing so he asked me how my journey was coming up here. I told him that it was nothing, trying to give off the impression it was anything but hard. He laughed and I knew he could see right through the front I was putting up. Then we ended up both laughing. A few moments later, I noticed the handsome man had stopped caressing my hand. He wasn’t even seated in the chair anymore; he was looking at the flowers in the garden that surrounded our chairs. I decided to get up and look too.

As I got up to look at the flowers, I began to realize they weren’t real flowers, there was purple sunflowers, mixed with yellow daffodils. When I came to the sudden conclusion of the flowers, I tried to look back down at them again but this time they were blurred colors. As I looked around, I realized the chairs were also gone as well. But in front of me stood the big rectangle window, open all the way like it was before. I was then in a state of confusion, where did everything go? I asked myself.

I was left with an empty room, with different color walls, a big rectangle window and the 7 feet tall enchanting man. I walked over to him and pointed at the window. I asked him if he wanted to jump out the window with me, he nodded his head yes. I took his hand and then we slowly ventured toward the window together. Finally, we made it to the rim of the opening, and we jumped. The fall down gave me a rush of adrenaline, I loved it. I looked to see if the enchanting man felt the same but when I turned to look at him, he had dispersed, leaving me to fall on my own.

When I was falling the soothing sound of wind chimes appeared, which put me into a calming state. As I was falling to utter oblivion, I decided to close my eyes and when I did the wind chimes sound became less faint and even louder. When I fluttered my eyes open, I awoke with the feeling of abandonment as I clutched on to my pillow only having the white wall to stare at.

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