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Love is Clueless

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Reign started off with a great life, but then life threw a twist at her when something life changing took place. Her life was falling apart after a tragedy until a country boy came into her sight. But will she be able to open her heart to him? Or will memories be to painful for her to over come? With family drama and unexpected visits, it challenges her to choose between past complications and future love? What will she choose? Read the story and find out.

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Chapter 1

"How was your shift today Reign?" Tom asked as he came around the corner about to clock in.

"It's busy today, a bunch of people came in with some kind of cold. Doc can't figure out what it is though '' I replied as I zipped up my coat, getting ready to leave and head home.

"talk to you later Reign, we can grab drinks after our shift tomorrow, yea?" He asked as I was walking out the door.

"Yea, just text me" I replied while fully walking out of the door and head into the parking lot looking for my truck. I got in and start heading home.

Walking in my front door, I went straight to my bedroom and I immediately changed out of my nursing scrubs into light blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. I decided to cook some lunch before going to check on the horses and to check how Jack is doing with the animals today. I put on my mud boots at the back door and headed out to the farm, The first thing I see is Jack already cleaning out the horse pens, for it to be 10 AM he is already sweating as the sun beat down on him and his muscles are showing through his slightly too tight of a t-shirt.

"How are things this morning Jack?" I asked while walking over to where the shovel is, so I can work on one of the other pens.

"Just like every morning Reign, why don't you rest for a couple hours? You just worked a long shift" He replied.

"I will after the horses have been bathed. I'll bath the horses and you can finish the pens okay?" I replied as I put the shovel down and started to head towards the field to call for the horses. "I almost forgot, I cooked some lunch if you want to eat."

"Yes, I'll go grab a plate once I'm done, thank you Reign"

I yelled for the horses and gave them each a bath, after they were bathed I got them their mixed foods and put out some water. As I was heading inside, I stop for a second and see Jack taking his shirt off. That man is fine. I thought to myself as I watched him wipe his forehead from sweat just as he was walking into the house.

If you haven't caught on yet, I'm a nurse who works in a local hospital and I also live on a beautiful farm. My bestfriend also works with me at the hospital, his name is Tom. Tom is gay but he's the funniest guy I know. Jack is my ranch hand, he came to the ranch a couple of years ago and said he needed a job and was willing to work even if I wasn't home. He is cute with jet black hair and blue eyes, a slight sprinkle of green in the corner of his left eye.

Jack moved in with me about a year ago, when his apartment complex downtown had shut down. So when a random man came, everyone was skeptical of him but I didn't care. I needed help with the horses and he needed a job. As you can see, I live in a small town basically in the middle of nowhere, everyone knows everyone. A couple of months ago though, I started to notice how hot he had gotten since he started working here, gaining muscle and opening up to me.

"Lunch was great Reign" jack said as he was finishing his potatoes.

"Thank you, I'm going to head upstairs and get some sleep before dinner." I told him as I began to walk away.

"What's for dinner? Do you want me to make it tonight?" He asked

"No, it's fine I'll make it, anything in particular that you want?" I ask him while he's loading the dishwasher.

"We should have Burgers, with mac n cheese and potatoes, maybe some green beans to." He replied while looking up at me.

"Yea I'll just run to the store after my nap," I said with a small smile then began walking up stairs to my bedroom.

My room was on the right, at the top of the stairs. I have a 3 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, one in my room, one in his room and one right off the dining room. When you first walk into my house you are greeted with the kitchen and dining room. Off the dining room is the living room and bathroom. There is an office on the second level, it's across from my bedroom and the last bedroom is at the end of the hall upstairs.

As i jumped in the shower i thought about how long of a night it has been and I'm glad it was my last third shift, tomorrow I'll be starting morning shifts with Tom. I stepped out of the shower and changed into a pink baggy t-shirt and grey shorts, when I'm fully dressed, I walk in my room. I climb into my big soft cozy bed and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Beep Beep Beep

I swipe the alarm on my phone off and stretch, after I stretch good enough I head to my closet changing my shorts for dark jeans and tucking in my baggy shirt. After I'm done, I head down stairs. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I go to grab my shoes and wallet, but then I smell food. Walking into the kitchen I could see Jack at the stove flipping the burgers in a cast iron skillet.

I stand there in the doorway watching as his muscles flex while he starts to add seasoning to the burgers. I looked over at the table, And I see everything is set up, there are buns on the table with mashed potatoes and green beans already cooked and set out. Looking back at the stove, Jack starts to stir something in a pan, that must be the mac n cheese.

"You made dinner? I could of cooked it for us," I say which slightly startles Jack as he jumps then turns around to look at me. "I know but you always make dinner, besides your sister and brother called and they are coming over for dinner, something about you guys not talking in awhile."

"Oh" was all I could say, this man is always surprising me. "They should be here in about 5 minutes actually," he said as he turned to take the burgers off the stove and put them onto a plate.

A knock at the door brings me back to the real world, I go to open it and see my sister and brother standing there glaring at each other 'what now' is what came to mind. Them being twins, they always argue over the smallest things.

"Hey guys, glad you all could come," I smiled as I pulled them both into a hug.

"Don't lie, you can't wait for her to leave" my brother Blake told me while rolling his eyes.

"You're just mad because she likes me better than you and she always will," Ashley grinned at him as she hugged me back.

"Why did you guys want to come over anyway?" I question as I look at them and they give each other a funny look before facing me "Just to talk, you never contact us anymore." Ashley replied

"Sorry, I work 8 to 13 hour shifts on any given day." I replied as they followed me into the dinning room to sit down.

Ashley stares at Jack while she bites her lip, it's giving me an uneasy feeling in my stomach and I don't like it. I feel like she's always had a thing for him but she never says anything to me.

"Hey Jack, hopefully Reign isn't giving you too much work to do," Ashley starts to say "Why? because you'll relieve all his pain." Blake said, irritated at that fact of her always flirting with people.

I have to admit, she's beautiful. She has short reddish brown hair that reaches a little past her shoulder with bright green eyes and freckles that scatter across her whole face. She's not short but she's not tall, she's 5'5, she has a heavy chest but no butt. Blake also has the same reddish brown hair and green eyes but he has no freckles. He is built of muscle and is 6'1.

Everyone sat down to eat dinner, Jack and I on one side and Ashley and Blake on the other. We sit in silence for a second.

"Everyone dig in, Jack made dinner tonight," I said as I send Jack a quick smile and he smiles back at me. Everyone ate and talked about random things after that. Before we know it, it's time for everyone to leave, we give our hugs and say our goodbyes then we start to clean up.

"Thank you for making dinner tonight, it was amazing Jack", I told him.

"It's the least I could do for you, Thank you." He tells me before handing me a dry dish to put in the cabinet.

"For what?" I ask him as I grab the plate and take a quick glance at him, only to catch him staring at me.

"For trusting me, For giving me a job, For letting me move in, just for everything," He said, turning serious as he stares at me.

I stop putting the dishes away and turn so I could face him. We are so close but so far away. I couldn't stop myself from just staring into his beautiful blue eyes. The eyes of the man I think I've come to fall for without realizing it. "It's nothing really Jack, it's great not living alone anymore," I pause "I don't know what I would do if you weren't here." I put my head slightly down with a small smile on my face and looking up at him through my eyelashes.

"I truly appreciate everything," he said as he grabs my hand sending a shiver all through me before placing a small kiss on my forehead and walking off into his room for the night. That one small gesture is one of the best things I could experience.

He doesn't know what he does to me, I think to myself. At this point I'm trying to calm down my racing heart which feels like it's going to jump out of my chest at any time.

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