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Love is Clueless

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Chapter 2

Stepping out of my car I look over to Tom to see his hands in his pocket and can't help but admire him. I know he's gay but you would never guess by the way he looks. He has his hands in his pocket with a dark pair of skinny jeans on and a casual black shirt.

He smiles once he sees me and reaches out to hug me, I hug him back and smile "You ready for tonight?" He asks me with the biggest grin on his face. "Yea lets get this started" I replied to him with my own smile.

Walking in, I see that not many people are here. A couple at the bar, some dancing while the band is on stage singing. We walk over to the bar and sit in front of the bartender. He's pretty cute if you ask me, he has muscles but not too much muscles with brown hair and brown eyes, his teeth are amazingly white and he smiles at us.

"Two beers, please" Tom asks him, he hands us our two beers but took a second longer to send me a wink first.

I blushed and looked towards Tom. "So you gonna tap that tonight?" Tom asks me while we make our way over to a corner table, and I give him a bewildered look. "What are you talking about?"

"Dont play dumb with me bitch you know what im talking about, cute ass bartender has the hots for you." he says while checking out the bartender "I dont see you placing moves on Jack anytime soon so why not get with someone else."

"You know there is nothing between me and Jack," I told him with a slight shake of my head. Jack had said he was going out tonight but he didn't bother to tell me where.

"Don't try and lie to me sweetheart, I know you like Jack. It shows up on your face everytime he is mentioned. Plus if your sister gets in the way I'll handle her." He says as he continues to watch the bartender and take a sip of his beer.

"I can't make it awkward between me and Jack, I can't do anything about it." I say finishing off my beer. "I'm going to go get another, you want one?" I ask while standing up "Yea" was his replie

"Can I get two more beers please?" I ask the bartender. He nods his head before walking away to grab them.

"Here you go," he says "Just got a question for you."

"And what's that?" I ask him back. "Is that your boyfriend you are with?" He asks shyly.

"No, he's my best friend." I replied. "Can I get your number then, maybe take you out on a date one of these days." I start to blush and smile at him

"Yea, give me our phone i'll type it in" He gives me his phone and I type in my number and Put my name under Reign.

He looks down at his phone and smiles before I walk back over to Tom who has a knowing smirk on his face.

"Shut up" I tell him while he breaks out into laughter.

Walking through the door, me and Tom start to giggle, we drank a little more than we expected. "Shhhh" I shush him in case Jack is home, but it just causes Tom to giggle even more. Next thing I know the light switch flips on and Jack is looking at us in just basketball shorts.

I wiped my chin in case any drool was coming out while I stared at his chest and messed up hair that just made him look even hotter than it normally does.

"God Damn" I hear to my left and look to see Tom staring at Jack like I was and start to laugh uncontrollably while Jack stands there trying not to be amused with us.

I start to walk over to the kitchen to get some tylenol so we don't have a headache tomorrow morning, but stumble and can't find it. Finally I do but it is on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet.

I turn around to get one of the boys attention for help when I come face to face with Jack's chest. I gulp and look up to see him looking down at me as we stare into each other's eyes. I wanted to grab his face and crash my lips to his just to see if his lips were as soft as they look. He reaches up still not breaking eye contact with me and grabs the bottle.

After I took the bottle from his hands, he moved back and walked over to get a couple cups for everyone, who were probably gonna be up for a couple hours. "You guys work tomorrow?" he asks as he fills the 3 glasses with wine. As if we were not drunk enough.

"No, we have the next 2 days off, I'm all yours" I say before realizing what just came out of my mouth. "Well that's good to know '' Jack replied with a chuckle and my cheeks flame a bright red. What is up with me and blushing tonight it's not like im a teenager.

"Sexual tension is toxic right now" Tom says and smiles at me when I send him a death glare.

"Are we drinking more Jack?" I question while turning to look at him, using all my willpower to not stare at his chest and abs, lord have mercy on my soul.

"Yea, I haven't been able to fall asleep and wine always helps right." He replies before moving to the living probably to put on a movie for us all to watch.

"I'm not because I have to get up early in the morning. I'll be sleeping in the guest room so have fun, you kids." Tom says as he sends me a wink and walks up the stairs.

"What do you wanna watch Reign?" Jack asks me as he sits at the end of the couch.

"I don't care, I might not be up much longer if I drink this wine" I tell him as I lay on the couch.

He puts on Criminal Minds and we watch it, half way through our second episode my eyes start to close and I fall asleep.

I'm jolted awake by being moved. Slightly opening my eyes, I see Jack walking up the stairs carrying me. He must be taking me to bed because I had fallen asleep. Once I'm placed on the bed, I quickly close my eyes to feel him place me under the covers and leave a feather-like kiss on my forehead.

If I wasn't awake I would have thought I imagined it, it was so light. Then I'm pulled back into the darkness of sleep.

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