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Hell tribe- horror

“Now remember,” my boss said warningly, “we want all the information we can get from the tribe, so try to anger them, alright?” I nod again. He had been hounding me about taking a trip to the Hell tribe for a long time, apparently, even though their name suggests violence, they are the nicest people on earth. I finally gave in, and here I am standing outside the terminal getting instructed the same things over and over again, ‘Do whatever they want you to do’ and ‘Don’t make them angry’, were some of his favorite ones. I walk onto the plane, and 3 hours later, walk out of it. It was slightly disturbing how empty the airport was, but I put that off as off-season for tourists. I go to ask a person who was standing in a corner about my hotel’s location, and realize something unsettling about everyone in the airport, they’re just standing there, as if staring into space all at once. I tap the person’s shoulder and look them in the eyes and gasp. It was a mannequin! I look around me and realize the still figures were all mannequins, I shudder, this was creepy.

I walked, more like sprinted, out of the airport. I thankfully found my hotel without much difficulty. I was also greatly relieved to see everyone in the hotel lobby was real. I go up to the front desk, and look at the girl manning it in confusion. She was wearing a mask that only uncovered her eyes. She was also smiling at me weirdly through the mask.

“Welcome to the Hell tribe hotel.” She says, lord, even her voice is creepy. She hands me the key to room 3, and I look at her in more confusion. I booked number 27 as my room. But I accept it, because room 3 was the presidential suite. I shake my head as I enter the room, realizing everything is dyed an unsettling red color, almost like blood. My greed will be the death of me, I think ruefully. I jump onto the bed and sigh at its softness.

I wake up to a banging of a door and open it to see a man covered in blood. He screams and so do I as I realize that the door I opened is my closet door. How?! my rational mind demands. “I will kill you, you monster!” the man screams. I slam the door in his face, this can’t be happening. “We will find you, even in death!” the man screams again. I can never open the door again, I know he will hurt me if I do. What will I do?! I run to the front desk to realize it’s empty. In fact, it’s as if the whole hotel was empty. I hear a scream and run back to my room to see the dude in the closet chopped up. I hear a cackle behind me, and suddenly tumble into the closet.

It feels as if hours pass, and all I have to eat is the man’s body, so I do gradually. I suddenly hear a bang outside and start pounding on the door. They are back to get me, and this time I will kill them. The monsters open the door and scream, this reminds me vaguely of something, but I quickly dismiss it, I must kill it, this monster...

Now that you’ve read my life story, please read my warning for you in all the bold words. And always remember to beware all the people you do not know.

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