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This book is about a girl who has been bullied for most of her life. What happens when the shy, awkward troubled girl begins her first day of middle school? Will history repeats itself? Or will she able to make friends and change her fate and finally change her fate? So this book is really close to my heart and I want to thank everyone who's reading it. When I first started writing this book, I never intended for anyone to read it. I wrote this in the hopes of getting some freedom from the harshness of reality. With that said, I hope you guys enjoy it Ok here goes.....

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Before I go any further in this book, let me talk about a few things.

First things first, my name is Tobi and I am a 13 year old Nigerian girl. I love singing and reading, and I've been bullied for most of my life. I'm very insecure and I don't like that about myself.

In elementary school I was known as "the smart kid" in the class and my classmates hated me for it.

My "friends", the people that I trusted, insulted me behind my back.

They insulted me because of my height, my weight, my looks, my brain and my social awkwardness. I became close with some of my teachers and the teasing only got worse. I was called a "teacher's pet" and a "tattle tale" on several occasions.

Now I'm going to explain something to you guys that'll be important later on in the book:

In the 1st grade, I was 5. In 2nd grade, I was 6. In 3rd grade, I was 7. In 4th grade, I was 8. In 5th grade, I was 9. I skipped 6th grade. In 7th grade, I was 10. In 8th grade. I was 11. In 9th grade, I was 12.

I'm in the 10th grade and I am 13 right now, but I turn 14 in August. I'll be 14 in the 11th grade and 15 in the 12th grade. The school system here in Nigeria is different so I'll graduate when I'm 15.

We actually call 1st grade Primary 1, 2nd grade is Primary 2, 3rd grade is Primary 3, 4th grade is Primary 4 and so on...

But 7th grade is called JSS1, 8th grade is JSS2, 9th grade is JSS3. 10th grade is SS1, 11th grade is SS2 and 12th grade is SS3. Also, 7th -12th grade is known as high school here.

Every grade has at least 2 arms/branches which we usually refer to as A and B, or if there are 3 arms: A, B and C.

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