The Boy With The Nine-Tailed Cat

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Its about a Guy named Kakashi and he met a cat named Naruto and this story is about how they met and their bond with each other

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The Meeting

Kakashi was walking like he usual dose. He was walking calmly listen to music, then something caught his eye. There was a orange cat that had Nine tails, Kakashi stopped and stared at the cat and it stared back. Kakashi started walking again thinking about what he saw but then he heard something behind him. It was the orange Nine-tailed cat, it was following him. He tried to shoo it away many times but it just kept following him. He started to think it was cool that the cat had nine tails. Kakashi took it home and took care of him for 2 weeks until he finally had a name for him."Naruto" Kakashi said. He named the cat Naruto.

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