The Most Deceiving War of the New Century

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Delta had, had enough the connections were becoming clearer she was now fully awake from her previous hurricane of life's twists and turns but again as she stripped away the past, new Storms connected to the past unfolded in a different shape of way, that only she would know through her new found gifts. She would uncover much new skills that would help her navigate her way to safe and hopefully calmer waters. She desperately needed a change from the demonic city she once call home.

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Chapter 1

Hello! Good Morning how can I assist you today? she spoke in a cheerful voice. " Well okay, I can help you with that" Delta exclaimed .

After every call, she always pondered about the issues of her life and she analyzed everything under a serious scope of critical decisions. Delta was rare and very unusual, she had two children Jet and Airline Jet her son was 3 years old when Delta started seeing things in a new way. Airline Delta's daughter was 9 years old. Her Children also were very unusual they had inherited an ancient gift given to them by those who had endured great tribulation and trials in the old Century. They could feel things and see things that would happen before they could even happen the test was to learn to control the emotions around the individuals that they could see with different lenses.

The Children's father had died, from the battle fought by Delta and him, She had killed the man by the name of New Brooklyn, she had to save the lives of her children and the entire formation of the New Century, so she had taken New Brooklyn's inner stone of immortality. She had entered it into pure juice reiki making it Holy and then she inserted it into a bottle alongside all the purified stones she had taken back from the unclear Spirit's.

New Brooklyn was the man Delta destroyed he was the man she fell in love with long ago when awaken was in increments of the mind but never strong enough to have revealed to Delta the type of individual she was getting involved with. New Brooklyn was charming and truly charismatic when it came to appearances and Social quality. He made friends throughout every City he visited and he kept all of his CONNECTIONS. It was amazing how he was able to keep everyone he met close enough for consistent negotiations. New Brooklyn was an entrepreneur of rap music he studied every rap war and street connections related to his business and that was his thing. New Brooklyn was a people's person and anything that had rap music, music, or soul ties he was present. Delta was a homebody never one for the social scenes she had friends but mostly focused on her Schooling and work. Though on this one particular night she came across a man walking her direction as she was going in his. Delta was on her way home from her shift at the hospital and New Brooklyn was heading to this club where he was meeting with some business associates to work on a production album. Delta started walking and being the way that New Brooklyn was he passed by saying "Good night" Delta looked left and said the same, New Brooklyn looked closer at the beautiful woman he was greeting and said " I know that it's late and you look like you are on your way to somewhere but what is your name, Lady. Delta hesitated, and then thought why not?

" My name is Delta what's yours? New Brooklyn responded saying " I'm New B., Do you live far from here he asked" Delta replied "No" , New Brooklyn asked Delta for her number, and from then on they meet up most nights for dinner and they spent a lot of time finessing one another. It was good it was great until the All black party that Delta was uninvited to. It was a cold winter night and Delta was home with Airline, Delta, and New B's. First child after spending the day with his family New B., Got dressed and ready for the All Black party he would attend, that would initiate New Brooklyn into a group of entrepreneur's of the most prestige caliber of music entertainment. He was in the shower thinking of what this deal would do for Delta, Airline, and himself. He wanted the best for them only thing was he did not always think of the consequences of some of his dealings. In the past, New Brooklyn had made some bad businesses with the wrong kind of people that he trusted and even though he never lost a friend he was able to keep his distance very well from people he had to learn hard lessons from. New Brooklyn got out the shower and as he looked over into the baby's room Airline was fast asleep. New B., noticed Delta laying in their bed watching the News and so he started kissing her face and her body. New B. Kissed on Delta's body until she had climaxed and then he entered into her slowly back and forth to give her all of his comforts. The had finished, New Brooklyn got dressed and went to the club when he arrived he located his group members and went directly to them. During the initiation, New Brooklyn was asked to go into a room where the initiation was different in this group. There were a priest and a ceremony and knife piercing the skin for the blood of a cult. The group talked about the bond and the success of the bond that was never to be broken. A marriage of some kind but one New Brooklyn thought would have no real effect on his marriage with Delta.

Days had passed after the night of the initiation and New Brooklyn had felt New and happier even. He had checked his account and he was now a a balance of $60,000.000 he had been given the gifts of the initiation and he was ready to by Delta the home she wanted. After shopping for homes Delta had finally chosen one that she really felt was right and then they signed. A week late New Brooklyn, Delta and baby Airline were moved into the new home. That's when the call came in and it was time for New Brooklyn to work on a production that only he could finesse. New Brooklyn was happy to go and get started on the project and he knew this would take him away from Delta for sometime. She knew it to, that night New Brooklyn waited for baby Airline to sleep and he went to Delta like he always did, he always started with her lips and then he went really low, this time he sucked on her lower love harder and then softer until she gave him the satisfaction of her wet creamy Love. She turned New B., Over and did the same but also with much passion and strong strokes that gave her the satisfaction of his creamy love. He waited and then entered into Delta's body with all the passion he Delta for her and he stroke her deeply until they had climaxed to capacity. They laid together in silence happy to be with each other until New Brooklyn had returned.

Detroit, was the route and New Brooklyn was excited to work on his passion his first love, Rap music. It was all he ever wanted to do but in a centric /old school type of way his music was different his production was unique. He touched down in Detroit in mid-spring and wanted nothing more but to meet the people he would be sharing his visions with. He was only but so happy at the start.

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