The Phoenix king

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In the land of Phoenix-topia Lived 4 princes and a princess The oldest prince raven:wise and keeps his brothers in check the Older prince jasper:hot head has a urge to be rude to his people but he’s warm hearted when they get hurt The young prince James:cheerful skilled fighter likes to play games The younger prince axel:clumsy gullible but is a quick learner and has the jasper to protect him The youngest princess Ashley

Ninja strike force
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The Phoenix king part 1

The sun was shining on the kingdom of Phoenix-topia

there were 4 brothers and 1 sister.

1 day the youngest princess Ashley was out getting food when a bandit jumped her.

Bandit:Give me your money -said the bandit-

Ashley::no..-she said afraid-

Bandit:Then I’ll kill you -the bandit pulled out a knife about to stab the princess-

“Leave the girl alone” -said an unknown voice-

“Who said that?” -Said the bandit angry before he could find out where the voice was coming from he was punched to the ground-

Together:We did loser:said the 2 knights 1 red the other aqua-

Lucy:You ok ma’am? -said the red knight-

Ashley:Yes I’m ok, thank you for saving me-said the princess-

Ashley:What’s your name? -the princess said curiously-

-the knights took of their helmets- lance:I’m lance and this is Lucy

Ashley:Mind escorting me back to the castle lance and Lucy? -she said-

Lance:sure ma’am

-more knights took the bandit to jail-

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