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The Phoenix king/queen

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In the land of Phoenix-topia Lived 4 princes and princesses The oldest prince raven:wise and keeps his brothers in check the Older prince jasper:hot head has a urge to be rude to his people but he’s warm hearted when they get hurt The young prince James:cheerful skilled fighter likes to play games The younger prince axel:clumsy gullible but is a quick learner and has the jasper to protect him The youngest princess Ashley: N/A The oldest princess Vixen same as raven she’s also wise and keeps their brothers and sisters in check The older princess Diana just like jasper she’s hot head has a urge to be rude to their people but he’s warm hearted when they get hurt The young princess Jamaica :cheerful skilled fighter likes to play games The younger princess Elena :clumsy gullible but is a quick learner and has jasper and Diana to protect them The youngest princess Ashley and prince tony

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The Phoenix king part 1

In the land of Phoenix-topia Lived 5 brothers/princes and 5 sisters/princess

The oldest prince raven and princess vixen both are wise and keep their brothers and sisters in check

the Older prince jasper and princess Diana: hot head has an urge to be rude to their people but he’s warm-hearted when they get hurt

The young prince James and princess Jamaica: cheerful skilled fighters who like to play games with their younger and youngest brothers and sisters

The younger prince axel and princess Elena clumsy gullible but is a quick learner and has jasper and Diana to protect them

The youngest princess Ashley and prince tony are open-minded sometimes adventurous and tend to be clumsy but make up for it with adorable apologies and try to cheer up their sisters and brother when their down with their paintings and funniness

-end of bio-

The sun was shining on the kingdom of Phoenix-topia

there were 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

1 Day The Youngest Princess Ashley was out Getting Food When a Bandit Jumped Her. -the bandit had a hood covering his face and civilian rags-

Bandit: Hey you Give me your money! -said the bandit angrily-

Ashley: N-no..-she said afraid-

Bandit: I SAID GIVE ME YOUR MONEY DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS! -the bandit pulled out a knife-

Ashley: w-what are you doing with that!? n-no don’t, please!

“Leave the girl alone” -said an unknown voice-

“Who said that?” -Said the bandit angry before he could find out where the voice was coming from he was punched to the ground-

Together: We did loser: said the 2 knights 1 of the knight’s armor was crimson red the other aqua-

Lucy: You ok ma’am? -said the red knight-

Ashley: Yes I’m ok, thank you for saving me-said the princess-

Angelica: you’re welcome ma’am -said the Aqua knight-

-the bandit got up then shot the aqua knight-

Angelica: AUGH!

Lucy: Knight Angelica! are you alright?.

Angelica: I’m fine the bullet damaged my armor though

-the Bandit held Ashley hostage-

Lucy: Let her go!

Bandit: no this girl is one of the kings’ daughters and I think people would pay handsomely for her

Lucy: you’re sick!

Bandit: and what are you?

Angelica: Lucy we have to save the princess

Lucy: how?-she said curiously-

Angelica: Keep him distracted

Lucy: Ummm okay? uhh hey, bandit!

bandit: what?

Lucy: umm I think it would be worthless to sell one of the king’s daughters what if he sends guards out to find her?

Bandit: not my problem I’ll be long gone before he figures out it was me

Lucy: yes you are mostly right but don’t you think she won’t be worth much I mean, there are the oldest prince raven and princess vixen surely they must be worth a lot.

Bandit: hah do you take me for a fool no one has ever been able to capture the oldest Prince & Princess.

lucy: well I think you should and I’m running out of words to say so angelica are you ready?

Angelica: I sure am ☺

Bandit: huh-!? AUGH!..

-Angelica twisted the Bandit’s wrist forcing him to drop the knife and letting Ashley go free then she turned the bandit around headbutting him and knocking him unconscious.

Lucy: are you okay princess?

Ashley: yes thank you so much now tell me, What are your names my heroic knights? -the princess said curiously-

-the knights took off their helmets-

Lucy: I’m Lucy and this is Angelica

Ashley: Mind escorting me back to the castle you 2? -she said-

Lucy: Yes Your highness

Angelica: consider it done -they said happily-

-more knights took the bandit to jail-

-later at the castle-

Ashely: thanks again for saving me from that creep

angelica: yeah don’t mention it, ma’am.

lucy: yeah it was the least we could do this is our job after all.

-a couple of hours pass-

angelica: well we’re here, have a good night ma’am. -the red knight said calmly-

Ashley: have a good night too my knights -she waved bye before going inside and closing the door-

lucy: -Waited another minute to be sure she was gone then let my emotions loose- woohoo! we actually did It we actually save a princess HECK YES!!! -fangirling- male knights eat your hearts out!!!!

angelica: Yeeeaaaah male knights in your faces!. -laughing-

lucy: okay let’s head back to base.

angelica: right behind you lucy.

-the 2 knights walked back to base as the light from the moon glistened off their shiny armor-

*the next morning*

Elena: Ashley it’s time to wake up

Ashley:-groaned tired- “7 more minutes....”

Elena: that’s what you said an hour ago now come on

-Elena opened the curtains-

Ashley:*imitates a vampire hissing then retreated under the covers*

Elena: yeah.... anyways hurry and get dressed we have a lot to do today

Ashley: aw-okay...

-later in the dining room-

Diana: Sooooooo how was your walk with that lady knight?

Ashley: you saw!?

Diana: nope but you just confirmed it *victory laughi

jasper: Diana please don't do that

Diana: alright I'll Stop for now at least.

-the family ate and talked with smiles after a few minutes-

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